Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?

Google Assistant - Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?

So many of us are already used to voice command our phones to do something for us. Thanks to these intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) that we don’t have to go through the painful exercise of typing the keyboard anymore to get information or a map route on our phone or PCs. Voice assistants are changing the way consumers these days are interacting with their smart devices. Truly, these Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistants have come a long way in just a few years since first voice command based application SIRI was launched in an iPhone. Continue reading “Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?”

Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates

US Huawei Ban

Do you use a Huawei device?

Do you have a Huawei mobile phone like Huawei Honor? Many of us will not be sure about it. We mostly identify our phone models with their model names. These models we see on the internet or TV. Some do remember but mostly don’t. We don’t bother about who made the phone until the phone is not bad enough. ‘Honor’ is from Huawei phones. We know Honor but not much about Huawei.

Now if I ask you do you have an honor smartphone with you?

And If your answer is yes, you may be in trouble. Continue reading “Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates”

Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin

Cryptocurrency 2000x1200 - Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin

Back in the Year 2014, when the world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, there were clouds of doubts all over for how Facebook will monetize an app like Whatsapp. Will Facebook insert ad in Whatsapp like any other app?

Ad in whatsapp 1080x620 - Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin
Ad in Whatsapp will soon be a norm

Conflict of interests: Ad in Whatsapp

The success of Whatsapp was mainly upright over its fundamental principle that it will always remain free from any type of advertisement. Exactly contrary to this principle, the Facebook business was standing on the revenue generated from the advertisement over its popular social platforms. So speculations were always there for the future of Whatsapp and if the ad in Whatsapp will be finally placed.In these years we never saw ads in Whatsapp thanks to Zuckerberg for keeping the promises but now things seem to change. As heard from Facebook in recent time, Whatsapp will be an app like any other app on play store or IOS store. Irritation is bound to happen as Facebook serves us with an ad in Whatsapp very soon. Full of crap !! Continue reading “Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin”

Google X: Google’s secret arm

That was real Moonshot - Google X: Google's secret arm

The secret named Google X

Google is a big company. So big that it could not contain itself and that is when Google Alphabet came to existence. One company that Google is so proud of; is Google X. Not many of us know what exactly Google X is. This company certainly has a secrecy element hidden within it. Nobody knows all about it except those who must be working with it.

Google X has an ordinary two-story building as its head office, hardly half a kilometer distance from the main campus of Google in Mountain View, California. Continue reading “Google X: Google’s secret arm”

Amazon investments

Amazon Transporation and Logistics

Amazon a flamboyant company

Warren Buffett’s conglomerate ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ has recently disclosed a surprise. ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ just bought 483,300 shares of worth about $904 million in Amazon, the tech giant. When Berkshire Hathaway makes an investment of this volume, it definitely makes big news.  So what makes Amazon so special? Are they impressed with Amazon investments?

Amazon is like that high profile Hollywood celebrity who does everything; in style. The celebrity holds a huge fan following and he is often foul mouth. He has money but makes a lot of noise with his flashy lifestyle.  The celebrity is workaholic and he commits mistake also. He spends a lot recklessly on something he doesn’t understand much, gets trolled but comes out with money from it. Continue reading “Amazon investments”