Libra and Calibra: This is how you will soon transfer the money with Whatsapp and Facebook.

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Libra; the cryptocurrency from Facebook for you.

So finally the purpose of the Facebook biggest acquisition is in front of us after these many years? Remember, we wondered how a wolf-like Facebook is going to make money out of WhatsApp which vowed never to run a single ad on the app? It was supposed to be a complete loss for Facebook and it is still making Facebook bleed!!  This week, Facebook after so many speculation and guesses declared they are launching Libra, a  cryptocurrency which will be run through its app mainly from WhatsApp. Continue reading “Libra and Calibra: This is how you will soon transfer the money with Whatsapp and Facebook.”

WhatsApp group: How to evade from being added to any group

irritatig WhatsApp Group

Be evasive than upsetting someone

The utility of a chat app like WhatsApp is a basic necessity. Equally important for you is being part of some useful WhatsApp group.  We like to be in a group of like-minded people. It serves a good medium of communication and information dissemination.  But the problem arises when you become part of a WhatsApp group without your consent. This group is not just tasteless; it becomes quite embarrassing for you on occasions.   Learn here how to evade from being added to a WhatsApp group. Continue reading “WhatsApp group: How to evade from being added to any group”

Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin

Cryptocurrency 2000x1200 - Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin

Back in the Year 2014, when the world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, there were clouds of doubts all over for how Facebook will monetize an app like Whatsapp. Will Facebook insert ad in Whatsapp like any other app?

Ad in whatsapp 1080x620 - Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin
Ad in Whatsapp will soon be a norm

Conflict of interests: Ad in Whatsapp

The success of Whatsapp was mainly upright over its fundamental principle that it will always remain free from any type of advertisement. Exactly contrary to this principle, the Facebook business was standing on the revenue generated from the advertisement over its popular social platforms. So speculations were always there for the future of Whatsapp and if the ad in Whatsapp will be finally placed.In these years we never saw ads in Whatsapp thanks to Zuckerberg for keeping the promises but now things seem to change. As heard from Facebook in recent time, Whatsapp will be an app like any other app on play store or IOS store. Irritation is bound to happen as Facebook serves us with an ad in Whatsapp very soon. Full of crap !! Continue reading “Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin”

Whatsapp security breach… A total loss of faith.

Whatsapp Security hack e1558063972215 2000x1200 - Whatsapp security breach... A total loss of faith.

At first, it was quite shocking to me when I came to know that Whatsapp security has been compromised….


I just couldn’t believe that even end to end encrypted WhatsApp has also just been hacked. In fact, I was terribly annoyed by this news but I could do nothing. My faith just got axed one more time. Whatsapp security was also breached now. Continue reading “Whatsapp security breach… A total loss of faith.”

Whatsapp is killing Facebook

Facebook- Whatsapp

            The course of our life is decided by the decisions we take over a period of time. Our success or failure, by and large depends upon these decisions. Affected with these decision, sometimes we go even philosophical. With so many geniuses around us, we have a feeling that these highly successful and mighty people take every decision right in their life and there is a distinct difference between them and we which makes them so successful. Is it? Do these high flyers are always correct in their decision-making process? Let us find out it through Facebook Whatsapp acquisition.

Was the Facebook-Whatsapp deal worth?

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Facebook Whatsapp acquisition tilting towards Whatsapp way

           If you go through the Whatsapp acquisition deal analysis, you will find that no matter how smart we are, we commit mistakes. Everybody commits including Mark Zuckerberg, the world 3rd richest person. One major news of 2014 was Whatsapp acquisition deal for Facebook. There was so much analysis around Facebook Whatsapp acquisition price. It appears that things didn’t turn up as expected for Facebook and Whatsapp has become a liability; at least as of now. The Whatsapp deal is turning into graveyard for Facebook.