Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates

US Huawei Ban

Do you use a Huawei device?

Do you have a Huawei mobile phone like Huawei Honor? Many of us will not be sure about it. We mostly identify our phone models with their model names. These models we see on the internet or TV. Some do remember but mostly don’t. We don’t bother about who made the phone until the phone is not bad enough. ‘Honor’ is from Huawei phones. We know Honor but not much about Huawei.

Now if I ask you do you have an honor smartphone with you?

And If your answer is yes, you may be in trouble. Continue reading “Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates”

Google X: Google’s secret arm

That was real Moonshot - Google X: Google's secret arm

The secret named Google X

Google is a big company. So big that it could not contain itself and that is when Google Alphabet came to existence. One company that Google is so proud of; is Google X. Not many of us know what exactly Google X is. This company certainly has a secrecy element hidden within it. Nobody knows all about it except those who must be working with it.

Google X has an ordinary two-story building as its head office, hardly half a kilometer distance from the main campus of Google in Mountain View, California. Continue reading “Google X: Google’s secret arm”

iPhones: why those are going to be cheap in India.

Iphone getting cheaper in India

Ilustrasi Foxconn dan iPhone - iPhones: why those are going to be cheap in India.Foxconn makes iPhone handsets for Apple

PM Modi seems winning for a cheaper iPhone in India with his ‘Make In India’ push

Even the opposition parties of India have conceded clandestinely. Prime minister Narendra Modi’s drive for ‘Make In India’ has started to yield. The results of his push for ‘make In india’ is attracting the business entities from all across the globe.

There was a piece of news from Foxconn Technology, recently.It’s chairman has declared that iPhone will be produced in India very soon.


Auto-updates : Why we need to stay updated all the time

Auto-updates; the question is often asked why we need to stay updated all the time ?

The answer is very simple and straight forward.

The war between the developers and the exploiters from the dark world seems never to end. And it is most intense on the development of safe operating systems, high-value software and browsers. When a particular software or application seems strong enough not to be breached by miscreants, we come to know that hackers are onto a vulnerability of the same programme we did not think of while its development. That’s is why there are so many updates often and it never seems to end. This cycle goes on and on.

Recently this happened again with Chrome Browser and Windows and brought forward by Google itself.On Mar 07, 2019, Google reported about a vulnerability in their Chrome browser and Microsoft operating system (Windows) that hackers can exploit to gain access to the user’s system where both are being used on a system simultaneously.

But you need to panic as this vulnerability is already patched up in the most recent version of Chrome and Windows. Google released this update for all Chrome platforms on March 1 and this update was pushed for those who have kept their Chrome browser on auto-update.

That is where the value of auto updates is emphasised. An updated browser keeps your online activities safe. If you are using Google Chrome, make sure that your Chrome latest version as on today is 72.0.3626.121 or later. Checking your browser version is very simple and doesn’t require your coding skill. This is how you can check your version of Chrome browser:

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Click at help
  3. Click at ‘About Google Chrome’.
    That is where the version of your Google Chrome browser is clearly mentioned.

For the Microsoft part; Windows 7 is the Operating System which is most vulnerable to this exploitation due to the non-availability of support. Windows 7 is already 9 years old and its 32-bit version is hardly supported by Microsoft. Even though the vulnerability in its higher versions of Operating systems have been made relatively safe in recent time by updating with exploit mitigations, Google kept mum if the newer versions of Windows are not affected from this vulnerability. Chances are that; newer versions like Windows 10 are very likely secure, at least in comparison to Windows 7.

These days almost all hardware use 64-bit version of Microsoft Operating System. Since Windows 10 is the safest bet on Microsoft OS, you should update your Windows Operating System to Windows 10 due to the support available to it from Microsoft.

Even though I have the serious reservation from Microsoft Windows 10 for the weirdness of its navigation and ease, I will still go with it due to the same reason of vulnerability in Microsoft’s older OS. I loved Windows 7. It was a masterpiece and so easy to work on. But the Operating systems following Windows 7 seem to be something I find myself lost into. Windows 10 is horrible honestly.
So despite the ease of operation, I am adopting Windows 10 over Windows 7. It is always staying safe than sorry.

You too must upgrade yourself. Not just from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but in terms of the auto update also. Use legitimate Windows copy of the operating system, keep your auto update on and your job is half done. Add to this your vigilance your online journey will remain safe.