Is that a Sony Walkman or Walkman app ?

From Sony Walkman to Walkman app! Sounds strange? Yes. But the fact is both exist but whereas one exists in a tangible piece of metal other is soft and art of music adored by your ears. You may have forgotten your treasures in the Walkman that maybe gathering dust at your home. You don’t know but they still create waves. Just check if it is a Sony Walkman personal cassette player? You may have a jackpot!!

The History

Sony Walkman
The oldest Sony Walkman.

Exactly 40 years ago, the first Walkman on Earth from Sony was rocking this planet in 1979 in this very month of July. Since then we have shifted tectonically in the music domain. So, today, Let this journey walk from Sony Walkman to the installation of the Sony Walkman app in your phone. Continue reading “Is that a Sony Walkman or Walkman app ?”

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Outsmarting your smart TV

The device: Amazon Fire TV Stick 

These days, the advertisement of Amazon Fire TV Stick is frequent on prominent TV channels and online giant Amazon is also vigorously promoting it through the different mediums of advertisement like their other product; the kindle. With this, you can get immediate access to thousands of, Hollywood, Bollywood, language movies and TV episodes, seasons, songs and games within seconds.

amazon fire tv stick

And the confusion…

I had doubt and I believe and so many are there who are looking for the answer to this question. What is an Amazon Fire TV Stick actually? Honestly, first time I got confused when I heard the name Amazon fire TV stick and I realized there are so many out there who were in confusion with the name. It seemed to me a mix of some high-end TV and some remote control device. Continue reading “Amazon Fire TV Stick: Outsmarting your smart TV”