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How long do cell phones last

. If someone asks me what is that which lives with me all the time, I won’t reply ‘ My shadow’. Sorry. That is factually wrong because...

Apple’s brilliant idea to sell iPhone 7 Plus

How Apple sell iPhone 7 Plus Apple Inc, co-founded by Steve Jobs 44 years ago in 1976, is currently a 1.3 trillion dollars company and is...

Incognito history on android phone possible?

So many of us found people advising us to use incognito mode for privacy. The other day, one of my friends told me that...

Which is the best web browser for you?

Looking for the best web browser? The question is often asked: Which is the best web browser for a faster, user-friendly, and safer internet experience?...

No, iPhone SE 2 couldn’t outperform an Android Phone!

Apple has just launched iPhone SE 2020 (Referred here as iPhone SE 2 as well) in April 2020 and soon it may be in...