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Amazon a flamboyant company

Warren Buffett’s conglomerate ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ has recently disclosed a surprise. ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ just bought 483,300 shares of worth about $904 million in Amazon, the tech giant. When Berkshire Hathaway makes an investment of this volume, it definitely makes big news.  So what makes Amazon so special? Are they impressed with Amazon investments?

Amazon is like that high profile Hollywood celebrity who does everything; in style. The celebrity holds a huge fan following and he is often foul mouth. He has money but makes a lot of noise with his flashy lifestyle.  The celebrity is workaholic and he commits mistake also. He spends a lot recklessly on something he doesn’t understand much, gets trolled but comes out with money from it. Continue reading “Amazon investments”

Azure versus AWS: Winner in cloud computing

Cloud Computing

There are two fierce rivals in cloud computing these days. Both are considered as best in the business. Now, which is better in Microsoft Azure versus Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a debatable question. In Azure versus AWS, winner in cloud computing war between these two players is yet to be determined. But their dominance in the business is to the extent that almost all the fortune 500 companies use the cloud services of either of these two cloud computing giants. Some of the famous companies which use Microsoft Azure as their cloud computing partner are Schneider Electric, Singapore Airlines, Symantec Corporation, HP, British Petroleum, Maersk, Adobe to name a few. AWS is used by Vodafone, Siemens, Kelloggs, Unilever, Nasdaq, Airbnb, Pinterest etc. Both of these collectively rule the cloud computing arena.

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