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How long do cell phones last


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If someone asks me what is that which lives with me all the time, I won’t reply ‘ My shadow’.


That is factually wrong because the entity which stays with me these days round the clock is not my shadow but my smartphone!

Unarguably, smartphones have made our life far convenient and very comfortable. Today, even in an average country, almost every second person owns a smartphone which has several useful features for entertainment and utilities. So with so much in our hands, we have more engagement with our phone very often – irrespective of it being productive or non-productive for us.

With so much usage, wear & tear; a smartphone has to suffer- you might wonder to know how long do cell phones last and when is the right time when you should switch your loyalty to a better or a different phone!

How you have used your phone and what you have done with it – has a great say in concluding how long do cell phones last. There are numerous factors that help in estimating the life of a phone.

How long do cell phones last: 4 years

Like it or not, most of the smartphones have an average lifespan of a maximum of 3 to 4 years, not beyond that. Mobile phone technology is one of the fastest-changing domains of technology. There are frequent changes and modifications in the configuration of the phone.

Every now and then, an entirely different feature is introduced by a prominent mobile manufacturer and the rest of the phone manufacturers get engaged to compensate for the newly created gap of competition. With outdated phone specifications, your old handset gets obsolete and fast.

Battery life

The battery life of a phone is the most important consideration when it is about the life of any smartphone. No matter how big and powerful a battery is in a phone, the battery starts to degrade after a certain period. It is inevitable to avoid this degradation as the ionic property of the battery starts to degrade over some time. The prolonged life of the battery ensures the longer life of a phone.

This further depends upon what you are doing on your phone also. With a high-end game, the load on the battery is more. Heavy gaming on the phone will call it a day. With decent use of phone, the battery life may be extended to a large extent.


How many times you just left your mobile phone plugged in with charger for while night?

Many times right?

Remember, It is very important to notice how many times you need to charge your phone in a day to understand the battery life of your phone.

According to Battery University, leaving your phone plugged in once it has been charged fully is detrimental for the battery in the long run. After your phone charges completely, it gets ‘trickle charges’ to keep it at 100 percent while the phone is plugged in which damages the battery capabilities.

Think of it, your phone is charged in one hour even if it is completely drained and you leave it on the mercy of trickled charge for the rest of your 7 hours sleep!! How much do you expect to how long do cell phones last in these conditions?

When your phone is surviving just for few hours and you need to plug in your phone again for charging, consider it the time when the battery needs to be changed.

And when you are planning to change the battery, you can assess if changing only the battery is a wise decision?

Phone Updates

Almost every day, you must be seeing either the firmware or operating system of your phone taking updates. Similarly, the apps you have installed on your phone also updated.

Those updates are memory space and power guzzlers of your phone. Large volumes of such updates are the reason for ever-increasing RAM requirements affecting the performance of the phone.

Phone storage size is the other factor to decide how long do cell phones last. With so much additional load of updates on its memory and storage, it is common for a smartphone to slow down after sustaining for this period and take longer than usual time for accomplishing a task.

So have an eye when your phone starts falling slow to process the things it used to do briskly till recently and understand how long it can last before you need to replace it.

Hitches in operations

One indication that your phone is dying slowly is that it sometimes takes unusually a long time to perform any function. That is when you notice regularly that your applications are taking longer to open.

The other is when the applications are crashing abruptly.

Or whenever you are trying to operate any application and your phone hangs.

After a while, a smartphone usually faces regular system crashes. That can sometimes be extremely troublesome and usually turn off the phone. Updating your software can help in reducing these issues temporarily. After a certain period, your phone doesn’t respond to even updating the system.

Damaged screen

Any hardware damage is not a reason to change your phone quickly. Some of the physical issues can be fixed easily. If your phone is still under the warranty period, these issues can be resolved by getting a replacement for the damaged part however if the warranty period is exceeded, you need to get the damages fixed from your pocket.Cracked screen - How long do cell phones last

A damaged screen becomes a reason to sometime decide the life of the phone. An improperly installed screen affects the performance of the device significantly. The response of the screen may be improper, or the applications operate automatically often. Sometime the phone heating may take place without any specific cause.

How long do cell phones last in these conditions? Hardly a few months before you get rid of it. A seriously damaged phone can’t perform at its optimum level. Thus, you don’t have any other choice than replacing your phone.

How to make your smartphone last longer

Keeping your phone fit for a longer operation doesn’t ask much from you. It is very easy to keep your phone in excellent condition for a long time.

A battery has a longer life if it works in a cooler environment. If you can’t keep your phone in a fridge (where it is not supposed to keep also :-D), you can avoid playing high-end games like PUBG.  They generate a lot of heat for a long duration to damage the battery of the phone.

It is equally important to shut all the applications which you are not using. That helps in a big way for the phone to operate smoothly.

Don’t run something on your phone for which your phone is not ideally compatible.

Keep your phone updated.

Lastly, your phone is your digital ‘self’. You do so many important things with it. So take extreme care of it. Always be careful while holding or carrying your phone. This way your cell phone should last for a long time.

An outdated phone is a brick!




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