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Apple’s brilliant idea to sell iPhone 7 Plus


How Apple sell iPhone 7 Plus

Apple Inc, co-founded by Steve Jobs 44 years ago in 1976, is currently a 1.3 trillion dollars company and is a well-known tech giant. For many people, it still remains an enigmatic company with strange approaches and objectives. On one hand, it is an unquestionable success; profoundly innovative for its amazing line of products and amassing wealth than any other business worldwide, on the other hand, it appears that Apple fails to gauge what people are looking for. The very features which people seem to admire most, Apple removes that without a second thought just to make a fresh sale!  Remember when the company removed headphone jacks with a pair of AirPods to sell iPhone 7 Plus?

iPhone 7 Plus 1024x620 - Apple's brilliant idea to sell iPhone 7 Plus

Then the company came forward with another unique idea. To sell iPhone 5S aggressively in 2013,  Apple introduced a fingerprint scanner – a feature never seen before from any modern phone manufacturer.

The philosophy of 80-20 rule

1997, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple Company, he observed that their sale numbers were botched up with no clear idea where the company was headed. A simple but powerful idea he adopted was that he divided the manufacturing units into four main emerging market appealing product areas. Those were nothing but different gadgets. The goal for every product was to go smaller and simple from the confusing, bulky and obsolete looking gadgets. Apple was very selective in making products. The company invested a lot of time in brainstorming about how they could make better products in less time with fewer resources.

Unlike before, Apple started making less but more efficient products. The principal mantra of the company became ” Vital few Trivial many”; the famous 80-20 rule which in the company’s objective terms meant- to use fewer components and make super convenient products.

 A clever business strategy

But why remove the headphone jack from the phone? Airpods are fine, those are true innovations but those could have provisioned, in addition to keeping the headphone jack. Did the company fail to understand that people always liked a headphone jack on a phone? An obvious question often asked was being an innovative company, why Apple produces such products where a basic innovation like a headphone jack is killed for the sake of introducing another innovation. Is it necessary? The answer to this riddle my friend is – business strategy of today’s time.

 Technology should be user friendly 

Apple is purely a technology company. But Apple’s messing the things up recklessly in the name of the technological innovation has been confusing for people for a long time. Overworked products become harder to assess in terms of their success and to sync with the users. These products as the byproduct of such complex technology – result in unnecessary complications for people. The goal of Apple lies in how much they can make their products as easy as possible to operate for its users. By doing so, they can maximise their product’s usage for the majority of the people.

There might have been reasons to sell iPhone 7 plus with AirPods separately. A headphone Jack takes enough space in a tiny device like iPhone 7 plus. Apple are making their products thinner, lighter and minimalistic by removing ports, bezels and even buttons ( A classic case to sell iPhone 7 plus as a ‘ something’ different product).

Fingerprint scanning: A brilliant idea to sell iPhone 5S

1903, when Henry Ford started his Motor Company, was the time when people used to transport through horses. What do you think people would have told Sir Ford? For them, innovation was just making their horses faster! But Henry Ford thought differently from the horses. He thought of a machine and we could have Automobiles.

iPhone 5S 1024x620 - Apple's brilliant idea to sell iPhone 7 Plus

Apple too has the same though alignment. Apple is not making phones by using a magic book, struggles are always there. But they thought differently every time. As a brilliant idea to sell iPhone 5s, Apple introduced a new concept of fingerprint scanning and the result was that figure for iPhone 5S sell touched 52 million. Similarly, to sell iPhone 7 Plus, they had to remove the port. Despite that,  iPhone 7 plus had been the best selling phone in the 1st quarter of 2017.

In Apple, it is astonishing to watch when the company takes big chances to remove the very best selling thing it has in hand – to promote other features that they believe surpass the previous ones in the future to stay at the top of the game.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works!!”


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