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No, iPhone SE 2 couldn’t outperform an Android Phone!


Apple has just launched iPhone SE 2020 (Referred here as iPhone SE 2 as well) in April 2020 and soon it may be in your hand if you are really looking forward to owning an iPhone. iPhone SE 2 launch date in India is expected on 20 May 2020. iPhone SE 2 price in India is around 44000/- But wait; is it your wise choice at that price?

More precisely, is it justified to spend so much on an entry-level iPhone in comparison to the most advanced and powerful android phone ever built on planet Earth at the same price ?

iPhone SE 2020 image 600x620 - No, iPhone SE 2 couldn’t outperform an Android Phone!Considering what Apple has to offer here appears to me – Apple seems to have run out of ideas! Literally, they have nothing new to offer and to stay relevant and noticed, they are here with their old phone with some modifications! Maybe their think tank is not working even from home in these COVID-19 times otherwise I don’t understand how the iPhone SE 2020 is going to lure users with so many inherent limitations?

Sorry, I just did want to kill your excitement for this new model from Apple. I was just kidding as you might have already guessed.

A refurbished phone

A company of Apple’s calibre has far bigger ideas and a deep think tank than an average blogger. If they are offering this refurbished phone to their customers as I say it -Refurbished, there must be some reasons and strategy behind it. After all, something like Apple’s size doesn’t become world’s biggest company overnight just like that!

So far, all I see it is the marketing strategy of Apple to promote this achieved phone through the sensational headlines from the well-established technological media houses, news sites and famous bloggers on just one USP. And the USP is that; new iPhone SE 2020 has got a mighty A13 Bionic processor which Apple uses in its most advanced phone on iPhone 11 pro and which can easily outrun most advanced Snapdragon processor.

Just go through the links of these sites and you will know how beautifully the old wine is being served in a new bottle






A V8 Engine on a bicycle

For any curious iPhone follower like me it was a surprise. A13 Bionic – the iPhone 11 processor in an old iPhone? For what? Must be great, must be crazy, or mysterious, I don’t know. Isn’t it? But the question is: Is having a powerful processor good enough? isn’t installing a powerhouse like A13 Bionic on a 2016 model is like installing a V8 engine on a bicycle? What will you do with that much power?

iPhone SE 2020 colours 1080x620 - No, iPhone SE 2 couldn’t outperform an Android Phone!

In the mobile world, even a two year period is enough for your phone to showcase it in an archived section and here Apple is offering a phone which was launched in Mar 2016; more than 4 years ago!!. Honestly, I am not much enthusiast about the capabilities of the new phone although Apple claims to have introduced some of the blistering features in iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2016 versus iPhone SE 2020

Since Apple compares iPhone SE 2020 with most powerful Android phone, the discussion will ultimately go that way but before comparing the iPhone SE 2020 with one of the most advanced Android phone OnePlus 7T, let us glance through it comparison with iPhone SE 2016 model itself.


Starting with the much-talked processor, the older iPhone used A9 processor whereas the new model runs on A13 Bionic processor. As mentioned earlier also, it is the same chip Apple uses in iPhone 11 Pro. This gives a certain advantage in terms of future support as Apple will have to provide updates for iPhone 11 Pro. So iPhone SE 2020 will easily run for few years.

Bigger screen

The design of iPhone SE 2020 is inspired by iPhone 8 and is bit bigger than the 2016 original. Where Model 2016 used to have a screen of 4 inches the new iPhone SE 2 is 4.7-inch display.

Better display

In terms of display also the contrast ratio has gone up from 800:1 from older model to a 1400:1, similarly brightness is slightly up from 500 to 625 nits. So expect a better display.

Better image quality

Not going into more technicalities, Along with display experience improvement as mentioned above, there are remarkable differences reported in image quality of iPhone SE 2.

For the new generation, where the life on camera often plays in slow-motion in schools, college and malls, the new iPhone SE 2020 can record slo-mo video at 1080p at 240 frames per second which was limited to 120 fps in older model.

Upgraded camera

Also, the front-facing camera is upgraded to a 7MP camera in iPhone SE 2 from a 1.2MP camera of older iPhone SE.

Bigger storage

The storage capacity has been improved from 16GB/64 Gb/128GB to 64GB/128 GB/256 GB.

What is in iPhone SE 2 which was not in iPhone SE 2016

There are some of the things which were not at all available with iPhone SE 2016 model but are introduced in 2020 model. These include wireless charging, Haptic touch, IP67 water resistance, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6, and Dual-SIM support.

iPhone SE 2 price in India

The company is selling the phone at their entry-level price at $399 worldwide and iPhone SE 2 price in India is expected at around 44000/-. In the present situation, with the possible postponement of iPhone SE 2 launch date,  iPhone SE 2 price in India may also change.

iPhone SE 2020 versus OnePlus 7T

Now, coming to the actual discussion where the unique selling proposition (USP) of Apple iPhone SE 2020 is being claimed to beat Snapdragon 865 – is a complete disappointment. It is not even a match with a ‘not so powerful’ Android phone.

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As a sample, I have picked OnePlus 7T against iPhone SE 2020. Remember that one Plus 7T at 35000/- costs significantly less than proposed iPhone SE 2 price in India is around 44000/-

OnePlus 7T is the clear winner

Just have a look in terms of comparative specifications:




CPUHexacoreOctacoreOnePlus 7T can process more tasks parallelly  without slowing down the User Interface
CPU Speed2.65 GHz2.96 GHzBetter experience with OnePlus 7T in high-end tasks like gaming.
RAM4GB8GBIt means more application can run on OnePlus 7T at the same time without any glitch.
Display4.7 Inch6.7 InchIf big was not beautiful, you would have seen a movie on your TV screen than in a multiplex.. ). Reading, browsing internet and watching movies experience is better on a bigger screen.
Resolution750 x 1334 pixels1080 x 2400 pixelsOnePlus 7T has sharper and crisper pictures than iPhone SE 2020
Camera12 MP7 MPExpect Better picture quality from OnePlus 7T in all department.
Number of camerasTwoThreeMultiple cameras are useful in enhancing certain effects like blur, zoom and wide-angle photos.
Storage64 GB128 GBOnePlus 7T can store more number of movies, music and other data.
Battery3140 MAh3800 MAhMore battery means OnePlus 7T will stay longer.

So as we can see, where a more powerful and costlier iPhone SE 2020 couldn’t beat an average android phone, Apple’s hopes with iPhone SE 2020 hang on perhaps paid media hype on an imaginary superior characteristic (Powerful Processor) which is not even conclusively superior from Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

Though soon to arrive Apple A14 processor is definitely superior to Snapdragon 865, A13 – being a clear winner on Snapdragon 865; is arguable.

If users were looking for a compact iPhone

For some on the people might have an issue with the size of the phone because Snapdragon 865 phones are 6 inches plus in size and they don’t like a big phone. They want to have the comfort of an iPhone which is not as big as the iPhone 11. But iPhone SE 2020 doesn’t provide the respite here; something iPhone SE 2016 was doing. iPhone Se 2016 model was a compact phone of just 4 inches display and can be operated with just one hand. It is not possible in an iPhone SE 2020. You will have to use your both hands often on iPhone SE 2020.

Apple’s Excellent marketing

The marketing part seems excellent though. This is how you sell an outdated product and how you kill your competition too. Those rooftop blogs are shouting how the cheapest and entry-level iPhone (??)  has outclassed the most powerful Android phones; completely overlooking how an Android in the same price range can easily beat iPhone SE 2020 in their own backyard.


It doesn’t seem convincing to me that someone will go for this upgraded iPhone SE just to own an iPhone where iPhone SE 2 price in India and specifications gap with an advanced android phone is so wide!! In this price, I would definitely buy the most advanced Android phone available. And If I am already using any old iPhone, I would keep on using it and wait for some more time for a newer model rather trying an outdated model just because it has got Apple’s most powerful processor!!



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