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Your online privacy is at risk



Have you ever noticed that just after your searched internet for something on a browser; you get an advertisement of the same item on other pages you are visiting right now? Within the next few minutes, you will see the same ad even on your Facebook feed. You see the item on the other app as well and you wonder how come this is happening? Is your Internet privacy breached? Suddenly, you are concerned about your online privacy and security as you are sure that you are being monitored for everything you are doing online.

Irritating isn’t it?

And the bitter truth is-You are being monitored and followed meticulously.

So what is that monitoring and following you everywhere? You must know it and if you care for your online privacy, you should read it till the last line.

Practically your online privacy is a myth now

Here is one big reason that your Internet privacy has just become a myth.

If you remember, whenever you visit a site, you just sign for your consent for the ‘This site use cookies’ without a thought at the lower end of that webpage. When you agree for that, these cookies now start to track your browsing activities and from that moment your online privacy goes for a toss. They are the reasons that you are being monitored and accordingly served with those irritating and repeated ads.Cookies 1080x620 - Your online privacy is at risk

Even though these cookies are not that harmful because they track you anonymously, still the idea of being followed is obnoxious, isn’t it?

So is there something you can do to save you from this harassment?

Yes, you can.

There are different methods to save your online privacy. And as an individual, you should exercise your right to Internet privacy also. Here are the three most effective methods I am sharing:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You can ensure your online privacy with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN with an ad blocker can prevent these ads from following your online habits and keeps your browsing activities safe. Also, a VPN is very useful in your other online activities like downloading content from those sites which are banned in many countries.How VPN works - Your online privacy is at risk

Using a VPN is the best option to thwart away every attempt on your Internet privacy.

Delete cookies regularly

Secondly, you should keep the cookies ‘off’ for the sites you don’t trust much. Simply click on disagree at ‘We use cookies’ and they won’t track you anymore.

But ‘why the cookies are here in the first place’ has the answer in the following lines:

Cookies are a small program to enhance your experience on the internet by identifying you when you return to the site in the future. The purpose of the cookies is simple. They are a spy to observe your online habits. These cookies are collecting your data for the website owners in respect of:

  • The record of those pages which you have visited.
  • Your selected settings.
  • The items you browsed and the time you have spent on those items.
  • The time spent on the websites
  • Which accounts you used to log into the site.

So, do you think your online privacy stands a chance when you give your consent for ‘We use cookies’ to let them record so many parameters as placed above? This is despite the fact that you are already being tracked by other application like Facebook and WhatsApp as well.

Your ‘online behaviour’ information is being shared by these cookies websites at a price. These are being shared in the name of providing you a better experience. I consider internet privacy is already violated when you see an advertisement for a product on two different websites within no time without your consent for this. You are being flooded with these unwanted ads.

So to protect your online privacy and security from the invasion of online prying eyes, you should discourage your habit of signing Cookies as much as possible.

Use the Tor browser

The third option which you can try is a browser that is highly effective for your online protection. Yes, it is the ‘Tor’ browser.

Tor browser e1589102321279 1080x620 - Your online privacy is at risk
Download Tor for Internet privacy

You might have heard about it, but the reason behind you did not try it because the notoriety is associated with this browser. Whereas many people believe that this browser is used for illegal dark web activities and can jeopardise your online privacy; some believe that the TOR browser is exclusively for criminal mafias or secret service agents. Maybe that makes people think that their online privacy may be monitored by the CIA this way.

Tor: The champion of online privacy

Unfortunately, this is a selective truth.

Originally designed for security agencies of the US; The Tor browser was developed for maintaining the internet privacy of the US security agencies agents spread across the world.  Tor is now open for all to use. It’s an open-source browser and uses the same source codes from where one of the most popular web browsers – Mozilla Firefox originates.

Safe but slow

When privacy is the biggest concern, nothing matches the TOR. With it, you go completely anonymous in your internet browsing. TOR is the safest bet for maintaining Online privacy and security.  Tor is perfect to browse any site and it is useful in sharing and viewing images as well as documents.

But your internet privacy with Tor comes with a price in terms of usability of this browser.

Tor is notoriously slow.  To ensure your online privacy, it uses 3 different nodes (servers) to transport your data and often uses bridges to pass you across various hurdles set by your ISP and governments.

So the in-built slowness of Tor makes it unsuitable for the content which has a high degree of HD elements. So, HD streaming services like Netflix or YouTube become dull in this browser.

With our life already being digitalized with every passing day, maintaining complete online privacy is almost impossible today. However, the encroachment to this extent by the business houses through these irritating ads has made life; difficult. Somewhere the privacy of the user should be respected and cared for. These three methods I suggested above have an effective mechanism to minimize the impact of advertisement onslaught and can ensure your internet privacy.



  1. Now I get to know the reasons behind those cookies n those irritating ads…I will try the methods suggested by u for my internet privacy . Thank You!

    • Thanks. The purpose is to make people aware of the misuse of their rights..the right to privacy. Be it a personal or on the internet!

    • You may be right. But you need to have a piece of know-how information about the installation of the I2P browser. Also, I2P has primarily usage for dark web activities. I2P itself is a fork of TOR hence it is expected to provide everything better. Thanks anyway.

    • It is next to impossible to keep ourselves immune from the online onslaught from the ads and the data collecting companies however, with the use of the technology we can keep ourselves safe from these prying eyes.


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