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Have you turned off auto update?


WHY YOUR DEVICE IS AT RISK THEN EVER 940x620 - Have you turned off auto update?If you have enabled your phone for auto updates, your Android phone takes update from Google Play Store whereas your iPhone will seek auto updates from App Store. No rocket science!!.  But the question is often asked why we need to stay updated all the time? Why we should put our devices apps on the auto update? Why all experts seem to emphasise for keeping your devices updated and enabled for auto update? Is that so necessary?

Why we need updates at all?

We have repeatedly seen that some of the software or applications seeming strong enough and unbreachable but the hackers are still able to take advantage of some vulnerability of the same program.

A creative developer develops a useful program whereas the exploiter wants to take advantage of the loopholes of the program. Recent espionage case of Israeli spy agency through WhatsApp is a burning example of it where the Israeli hackers took advantage of the vulnerability of a popular messaging application- WhatsApp.

Read how WhatApp security was compromised

To mitigate the risk further, the developers patch up such the reported vulnerability in the software through the bunch of files which we call as updates. These files need to be installed on the user’s PC, phone, tablet or other electronic devices.

Or sometimes, for making an App more useful or on detecting any defect or weakness by the developers themselves; these updates are released from time to time. These files are downloaded and installed on your device if the auto update is enabled on the device.

The war is never over

This war between the developers and the exploiters never seems to end. This cat and mouse game is most intense on operating systems, high-value software and browsers. The hackers keep on punching new holes and developers are always busy in patching up those holes through the bundles of updates. That’s is why there are always updates after updates and it never seems to end until the new version of the program itself is released.

For your part to remain safe, you need to keep your device always updated but this is an ongoing and tedious process. An auto update enabled device saves your time from checking the site for updates every now and then.

That is why the value of auto updates is emphasised. An updated browser keeps your online activities safe. An updated software remains hack-proof -at least for time being.

This is how you update your browser

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, make sure that you have Chrome’s latest version. Checking your browser version is very simple and doesn’t require your coding skill.

This is how you can check your version of Chrome browser:

  1. Go to ‘Menu’( Rightside Top) of your Chrome browser.
  2. Click at ‘help’.
  3. Click at ‘About Google Chrome’.That is where the version of your Google Chrome browser is mentioned and will tell you if your browser is updated.Chrome Browser update status 1080x559 - Have you turned off auto update?

Similarly For Mozilla Firefox browser

  1. Go to ‘Menu’ ( Rightside Top)
  2. Click at ‘Help’
  3. Click at ‘About Mozilla FireFox’

A small window shows you the version you are using and if it updated or not.Mozilla Fire fox update e1588869129743 1080x620 - Have you turned off auto update?

The legendary Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Now, it is vulnerable to attack due to the non-availability of support. Windows 7 was a masterpiece and easy to work on but Windows 7 is already 10 years old and no more supported by Microsoft. Even though the vulnerability in higher versions of any Operating systems is less, the risk of malicious attacks is always there. But the rule of thumb is that; newer versions like Windows 10 are more secure than previous versions like Windows 7.Windows 7 support date 1080x620 - Have you turned off auto update?

Despite the ease of operation with Windows 7, I am using Windows 10 due to the update issue. I have serious reservation against Microsoft Windows 10 for the weirdness and difficulty of operation, I will still go with it as it is getting regular Windows 10 updates. It is always staying safe than sorry.

So dump Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you are using these OS on your PC. You should update your Windows Operating System to Windows 10 as support from Microsoft is available for it including updates.  IF you already have windows 10, keep the auto update always ‘On’.

Do’s and Donts

  • So here are some do’s and don’t for you to update you and your device :
  • You must upgrade. Not just your OS, opt for the auto update for any software you are using.
  • Keep your apps on update ‘On’ position. Yes, they will occupy more space on your phone storage. So what? A phone kept at auto update ‘On’ can save you from the malicious attacks.
  • Never download anything including updates from any android auto update apk web-sites. Download the apps and updates from Google Play Store or IOS App Store only.
  • Use a legitimate copy of the operating system or any software as updates for a pirated copy are never guaranteed for installation.

 Auto update On: A stitch in time saves nine

keeping ‘auto update on’ on your device saves you from nefarious cyber attacks, phishing and other manipulation. This way, your job is half done. Keeping Auto Update option ‘On’ is a good habit and it will keep the risks at bay most of the time.



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