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How to back up Facebook photos online


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When memories become immortal..

What is the best thing you can imagine to have with you to cherish your sweet memories from the past? Yes, you are right. Your pictures and videos!!. Facebook and Google have made it easy for you. Very soon you will be able to save your Facebook Photos and Videos on Google Photos. The following lines will help you how you can back up Facebook Photos on Google Photos.

How happy you are when you upload your pictures and videos on your Facebook profile to share with friends and family! Over a while, these pictures and videos become priceless to you. Google Photos has already been launched in 2015 and for a backup, and you realise you should save your Facebook photos on Google? Don’t you feel this data portability should provide peace of mind to you?

Technically yes, but no..

Yes, you can do it manually but this is a tiresome job. For this, you will have to first download all the pictures to your device from Facebook and then upload it to Google Photos.

So, if something can be done that you can directly take a backup from Facebook to Google Photos?

Yes, now it is possible.

Not many of us know that Facebook has recently opened up its Data Transfer Project (DTP) tool for its users to back up all the Facebook Photos and videos. DTP is the framework for how you can back up the pictures and videos on Google .

The Data Transfer Project (DTP)- as the name suggests, is an open-source tool that allows users to transfer pictures and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. Here, you need not download the individual Facebook Photos and videos one-by-one to your desktop or mobile to save further on Google Photos.

Presently, apart from Facebook; Microsoft, Apple, and Twitter are currently in this project and this application will gain traction with other public-facing interfaces in the coming times.

A separate post on DTP will be shared here soon.

This is how you can back up Facebook Photos on Google Photos.

After linking your Facebook account to Google Photos, you can choose to transfer pictures and videos.

The process is of transfer is very simple. Like any other app installation process, you will have to grant access to Facebook to your Google Photos account. Once, it is done, you can start transferring your pictures to Google Photos.

The good part is that you don’t need to stay online for the whole transfer process. Just select the videos and pics, and let the DTP do the rest for you.

Few glitches..

Having introduced DTP to you by these tech giants, it is far from perfect. There are a few issues reported by the users leaving a big room for improvement:

  • So far, Facebook has rolled out DTP in the US and Canada only and is yet to be opened for the rest of the world.
  • The recurrent rupture in the transfer of Facebook Photos and videos. So you will have to manually check the process time to time frequently.
  • Facebook meta data like date, time and location are missing at saved Google location.
  • Some of the videos may corrupt in Google Photos.
  • After transferring the videos and pictures, you will have to segregate for better management of the data.

Memories forever..

DTP with its unique value and features is one beautiful means of keeping your treasured memories safely in deep archived disks of Google Photos. Someday, when you want to delete your profile on Facebook you can very well look to your Videos and Pics at Google Photos proudly and smile with deep melancholic satisfaction.



  1. Good Post. However as far my knowledge, you can use IFTTT.

    If you upload any new photos/video on facebook, it will save a copy on dropbox or Google drive.


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