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A blog for health? Not really!

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You blog for health not otherwise

Blog for health and wellness: This is how it started..

“Any tip on how to be consistent on health and exercising” these were the exact words of my friend to me today. Why he asked this to me- has certain reasons behind it and are in the next paragraph. After his query, when I thought to help him, it struck to me that -if I am going to help him anyway; why not to help those also who are looking for being consistent on weight management and exercise? For most of the people of my age who are concerned about the size of their belly, I could help them with my methods; by far which may sound to some of you –strange and nonconventional. Essentially, it is associated somehow with writing a blog for health though my blog is not on blogging on mental or physical health. 

To share with you guys, who even don’t know my real name- I am relatively a fit guy in my 40+ age. In any non-Corona day, I go for a 12-kilometer run -thrice a week and complete it in one hour flat. I push-up 60 times nonstop and I am agile enough. With a waist of 33 inches and a bulging chest, I am fit and fine. My health and weight have never been a problem for me. So I find myself eligible to pen down a  post on my blog on health. 

So why there is a blog on health today on this blog which is purely into technological stuff and that I am not going to insert anything associated with technology into this post? Actually, lightning strikes me twice today- the first; idea of helping others and then, connecting it with blogging.

Because exercise and blogging are more or less the same..

I found- how similar it is to exercise to stay healthy and write a blog post. In fact, this situation is equally true for anything which you have to do regularly and you don’t find yourself motivated enough to carry on. So if it happens with you too, consider this post exclusively for you. 

There is an inherited problem with many of us that we don’t do which we should do even for own good. We are hardwired that way. We start it with a bang, we remain excited for a few days and then, the excitement starts thinning and after few days, it dilutes completely. That is what exactly happens in reducing the weight and exercising and similarly; with writing the blog also.

It is not that I am always excited about blogging or health. For me, running a 12-kilometer distance becomes difficult often- particularly when there hasn’t been an appropriate gap between my lunch and my running time. With that heavy stomach, there would be pain or I would feel like vomiting the whole lunch on the road itself. I somehow complete it, but if I observe my mindset of that day, I would see that I didn’t want to go for the run in the first place.

So, my friend, your real question is- How I pushed myself and completed it? Or how I pushed myself for something which I don’t feel; motivated enough to complete? Well, Go on!

The first thing first: Write it down

Yes, I write it every day- what my goal is. If it is a 1200 kilometer run for a year, I write it every day on a dedicated notebook for writing the goals. That makes me immediately clear that I need to run 12 kilometers every alternate day. Some day, I don’t go for my scheduled run- fine; but my daily writing habit presses me hard to complete the quota of the previous day as soon as possible. So I know that I have to now run two successive days! That pressure gives a kick from within to make me prepared for the next day.

This is equally applicable to writing a post also.A blog or health and wellness ; the story remains same. It takes my average 3 hours to write a post if my thoughts are lucid and in rhythm. On other days average 5 hours, if I am struggling with subject, facts and flow of thoughts. For someone like me, who has a goal to post a specific number of post in a month; can apply this strategy for his advantage.

Listen to the music which makes you emotional and elated..

Have you noticed that some of the music tracks make your hair- rise? Some will make you even teary. Now, in those moments if you can slowly push yourself to get yourself connected with the idea- that how important it is for you to reduce the weight or write a blog post. Those are the moments when your inner self is drenched with soul-touching music. It gets receptive to your suggested ideas and makes you mentally strong to complete the task of exercising or writing a blog post; even on a dull day.

Watch for a scene in a movie or video you find yourself passionately connected..

In the ‘Game of Thrones’, when Jon Snow leaves to Night’s Watch in exile after hugging Arya and Sansa Stark knowing that he will never return to the civilised world, I am very upset for him. Now, it is a sad scene and logically it should have depressed me. Whereas; I forcefully sneak-in my one of the goals into this emotional state of my mind and it gives me a resolve to find my inspiration to complete my job. Weird? But it works for me!!

Wake up early, Sit and Meditate..

Yes, sit calmly, preferably in the morning and contemplate on you. Just you. Have a word with you. Think of how beautiful is your body and mind. Fondle your limbs. Tell yourself- how much you love your organs. And raise your head to the sky to thank the almighty for this life and then look lovingly to your belly like you see to your two-year-old toddler- that you are going to take care of it. Nature wants you to win. Your luck wants to favour you. The stars want to shine for you. All you need to just embrace the blessing of the universe. You will exercise to make it fit. You will write a beautiful post.

Just do it for 5 minutes..

It is very effective technique. Someday, when you don’t want to exercise- Just tell yourself you are going to do it for only five minutes. The idea is just to get going, get the momentum. And yo!! By finishing those five minutes, you are already motivated enough to do it for another five minutes and so on. And you will see that you have completed your daily schedule perfectly. You may end up writing a 1000 word post for your blog with this 5-minute push technique.

Blog or health; Technology is the help..

Some apps are designed to help you in scheduling your activities for achieving your goals. These apps are very effective. When you are in dark for what to do next, these apps will clearly show you the path and how to proceed further. These are similar to the tools used in blogging which you must use for refining your skill.

Its your life , you blog for health..

Lastly, it is your life and you are the sole decision-maker for it. You already have set yourself achievable targets and you can’t back down. Now keep your word and don’t crop your goals for your temporary comfort. Don’t sell yourself short. Remember, It is easy to quit. It is easy to gain weight and do nothing for it. So is to just see the trimmed and fit body of others but not yours. It is easy to see a beaming blog or site of some blogger but not yours. Everything worth doing; asks for a price; some sacrifice to be precise. You are doing something which everyone doesn’t do on this planet. You know you have chosen a bumpy ride and it is painful but hang on, you will reach your destination.



    • Hope it should help even those who find it difficult to do anything in life. My personal choice of 5 minute has created a lot of things for me and I am sure it will be equally helpful for anyone else. Thanks for visiting Rashmi!

  1. Your techniques are really interesting different from those I have heard earlier. They r motivating as well !! Very nicely written!!

    • Not all technique work for everyone. However, my technique involves a lot of your emotional inner self. We all know how powerful our subconscious mind is. All we need to just tap it for out full potential. Thanks.

  2. Imitially i was surprised to see a non-technical blog from your side. But, after completing it, I realised it is worth readingband will help people to focus on their health specially in these cprona days when there is so much stress. I wpuld like to share that 1 of your techniques I am already using. I still remember I used to listen(and watch) song “Lakshya hai tera” from movie “Lakshya” on last noght before exam to get motivated to study for exam next day during my B. Tech and MBA days (and many batchmates were doing same too)…

    • Happy to know that Narendra. I highly suggest 5-minute technique for anything which you treat important but somehow lack motivation. These 5 minutes will make you get going.

    • Not all technique work for everyone. However, my technique involves a lot of your emotional inner self. We all know how powerful our subconscious mind is. All we need to just tap it for out full potential. Thanks.


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