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What makes Zoom a risky App?


Zoom - What makes Zoom a risky App?

Zoom is one of the best Apps that we have today for videoconferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing with friends, family and colleagues. Post-China originated virus Covid-19 lockdown, the pressure to complete the work from home, students taking online classes and many trying this app just for the sake of fun; have zoomed the popularity of this app-many folds. The usage of the app has hugely grown during the lockdown and Zoom has become a favourite past time of some people.  But in recent times, people have raised voices that Zoom is risky.  Let us know what makes Zoom App risky and what are the alternatives for your need?  Who is behind Covid 19 695x620 - What makes Zoom a risky App?

Popularity at new high..

For all your collaboration and video conferencing needs Zoom has it all. Zoom is popular and Zoom is good and Zoom is user friendly. Period. It is the Rafael Nadal of the video conferencing solutions which wins everything. It is so popular that despite having their dedicated applications for such needs, the employees from Google and Microsoft are also found using Zoom for their teleconferencing needs!!

What makes it outstanding..

 What makes Zoom stand apart from the rest of the players? Well, go on.

Zoom Mobile Apps are available for Android and iPhone users for free of cost. With the convenience of the place and time, you can start, join and schedule your meetings and easily send group text, images and push-to-talk messages during a meeting.

Also, with Zoom Client for Meetings, you can start or join your Zoom meeting on Microsoft Outlook with just a Plugin designed for Microsoft Outlook. All the Zoom Plugin does here is; installs a button on the Microsoft Outlook toolbar to make you start or schedule a meeting with just one-click. Zoom Plugin is available free for IBM Notes as well.

In mid of your internet session, if you want to conduct or join a meeting you need not close the browser. Zoom Extension for two popular Browsers viz Chrome and Firefox make it one of the best choices for online meetings. Additionally, you can even schedule your meeting on Google calendar on these extensions.

As the government of India is discouraging the usage of Zoom, there are solid concerns behind it. Through Computer Emergency Response Team abbreviated as CERT-India; the ministry of Home Affairs has cautioned that there are certain inbuilt security issues with this and the use of the app should be avoided.

The real reason what makes Zoom App risky..

The possible issue with the App, which no governments will ever admit is that -the servers of Zoom are located in China. No democratic country in the world is comfortable with the idea of data being extracted and manipulated by the government at its will. A communist country like China has a very strong hold not just over the citizens, but the companies doing business in China as well. These companies are permitted to do the business only if they share data with People’s Liberation Army politburo as and when required.

And the official reasons which the government quotes? Unauthorised entry is possible in a Zoom conference room. Anyone can record and monitor your meetings. Secondly, malicious activity by the authorised participants in the meeting can be carried out.  a recent example of lewd comment in Singapore is here. That makes Zoom risky App. 

What are the options left?

That sounds dangerous. So what options the people are left with?

Well, to name a few, there are many options. Here are some of the alternatives to Zoom that make an equally good choice for the best video conferencing experience:

These apps, of course, are not as good as Zoom in terms of convenience and functionality. Also, some applications are not free however; in terms of security- these apps are better than Zoom. The free versions offer a set of handsome features that will be sufficient for many users. Paid versions are available for firms with comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs.

 Mitigate the risk for what makes Zoom App risky .. 

So,  are you somehow uneasy after government advisory why Zoom App is risky and you should not use it? If yes, any of the above can provide you with excellent alternatives. Despite advisory, if you want to continue to use Zoom, keep it updated with the latest software patches, the company releases time to time.  Having said that, the risk of manipulation of the App will continue to exist.


  1. Thank you for the alert and for recommending secure options. I will certainly try the other options although schools seems to have fallen in love with Zoom. Is the company which owns Zoom in China?


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