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Surveillance camera at your entrance door


Surveillance camera stimulates a sense of security.. 

Will you feel offended if a surveillance camera is installed at your entrance gate to check your movement without your consent? Most probably you will. You have your personal space and you won’t like government agencies to snoop at you round the clock. Forget that. Artificial Intelligence based surveillance systems have been doing this for the last couple of months in mainland China on Chinese people.  Surveillance in China 1000x620 - Surveillance camera at your entrance door

Ignorance is bliss..

Ignorance becomes bliss as we sometimes tend to forget the value of something easily available to us. Freedom of democracy is one such gift. Only lucky are the ones who live their lives free from imposed restrictions and draconian rules of authorities. Having said that, the defunct dynasties and tyrant communists can never match the breath of freedom and fragrance of choices people have in the kingdom of chaos- called democracy.

Minus everything said above; imagine a situation where your everyday life is completely exposed to the government’s scrutiny and you can’t even express your disagreement. Welcome -you are either in a bigot’s kingdom or you are in dragon’s land-China!Camera at front gates - Surveillance camera at your entrance door

When civil rights are curtailed; there is hardly anything that can justify such incursions in the ambit of the law of the land. Reputed news agency CNN reported that China has started to put the surveillance camera inside citizen’s home to monitor their movement. These cameras are installed at their lobby, entrance doors, and living room. The reason – cameras are installed to arrest the spread of the Chinese virus Covid-19.

Surveillance cameras everywhere: Will this ever stop?

Most surveillanced cities in world e1588088325591 1080x620 - Surveillance camera at your entrance door

For someone like our super CM Arvind Kejriwal who could not install even one-tenth of his promised number of 1.5 Million surveillance cameras in Delhi, China has already installed 349 million such cameras in 2018. This number of surveillance cameras is almost five times the number of cameras in the United States. China doesn’t stop here. According to UK-based technology research firm Comparitech, Out of the world’s 10 most monitored cities based on the number of cameras per 1,000 people, China has 08 cities in this list.

China largest number of surveillace camera in world e1588087901427 1080x620 - Surveillance camera at your entrance door Chinese have recently been appraised for their commendable job for containing this virus in their Hubei province. Nobody knows the real story and authenticity of facts but if that is true, the one reason that this could be achieved because China is already using a digital “health code” system. Under this mechanism, surveillance cameras at home are used to monitor people’s movement. The installation of these cameras at entrance doors or drawing rooms could be one way to enforce the home quarantine.  

 The dance of democracy..

Had this been happened in any democratic country, there would have been riots. That’s why the dance of democracy should be eternal and timeless and it should always remain on. I want you not to forget how lucky are we that we are living peacefully in a country without much meddling from the state. At least; not to this extend like in China. But if you are a Chinese or a resident in the regime of some tyrant totalitarian for that matter, you may have to face a government camera in your bedroom with the first ray of your day perhaps!

Resorting to such technology for surveillance in the present pandemic situation is fine but where should the boundary line be drawn to avoid the invasion of privacy of a citizen?  China currently has no specific national law to regulate the use of surveillance cameras, hence there is no policy on where to install those. Does it mean in the study room, bedroom, or in toilets?  Do Chinese people agree with the government here?

The voice of dissent..

If not, where to raise the voice of dissent in China where the internet is closely monitored and censored. The very authority is planting these cameras. It is contemptible to see the encroachment into the citizen’s privacy where surveillance cameras are being installed inside the homes by government agencies. Although it appears; that these surveillance cameras are not there to stay forever but it is already an act of hegemony by the Chinese government.

Hail democracy!


  1. Lucky are those in democratic country and still allowed to voice their opinion. Privacy is very important to me. I cant imagine myself being in a place where im monitored 24 hours without privacy. That would be scary. But I think the world is going towards that. We are slowly giving up our privacy. By installing certain app in our phone, keeping smart tvs, we are actually very vulnerable to lose our privacy.

    • It is believed that CIA has the database of all those people who are using the internet in any form. I think that we think we have our privacy but it is at the peril of these spy agencies. Today, it is impossible to remain hidden. It is just a matter of the time that our privacy may be exposed by any rogue element.


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