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Comments are drugs…You get a high

Comments are like fresh breaths for any YouTubers including minor tubers. For any video, the comment section is a very important part for the creators as a way of measurement of engagement and the success of the video. But many of the parents are wondering why suddenly YouTube comments are disabled on their child’s channel?

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The success and popularity of any YouTube video is largely determined by the numbers of views and likes. We all know that. You watch a video, you loved it, given a big Thumps up and now it’s time to scroll down to know how the fellow viewers have reacted to the video and you want to leave a beautiful comment!!

To your surprise, you don’t see any comment at all. Rather, you see a single line at the end of the videos cited as -‘Comments are turned off’.

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You wonder why it happened?

For this, there may be only two reasons why  YouTube comments are disabled on your video.

One that the comments are intentionally disabled by the admin of the video. So, it’s his choice…no fuss. Matter closed.

But if still YouTube comments are disabled; just have a look if the video is meant for minors. That may be the most probable reason.

YouTube is removing comments..

Yes, YouTube has already started to disable the comments for channels meant for kids. This is because, in past, some of the YouTube channels have been found violating the policy. Predatory comments are often posted on videos of children. Disney, Nestlé, AT&T and some of the companies found that their ads were being played on those videos where the predatory comments were placed. Now, no company wants to be associated with such videos and they immediately pulled the revenue plug from YouTube.

So much on stake….

Actually, YouTube is made to remove the comments. Also, dried-up revenue has shaken Youtube perhaps. To restore the rapport, YouTube has already deleted millions of comments and removed many channels associated with writing predatory comments on those videos where the performing stars are minors. The removal of the comments section for children is being done automatically by a better algorithm from Youtube.

 YouTube comments are disabled temporarily?

It doesn’t mean that comments are disabled forever. For a good channel, as YouTube assures- there is no need to be disheartened. If the channel is good and regularly being monitored for safety, the comments will be allowed.

The panoramic situation…

YouTube, having done that; has left a situation here where:

  • YouTube wants to restore the inflow of the revenues.
  • The activists want to mitigate the risk of child abuse encouragement.
  • YouTuber wants more number of comments.
  • Whereas; you and I want quality video.

Can the objectives of all stakeholders be met here?


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