WhatsApp group: How to evade from being added to any group

Be evasive than upsetting someone

The utility of a chat app like WhatsApp is a basic necessity. Equally important for you is being part of some useful WhatsApp group.  We like to be in a group of like-minded people. It serves a good medium of communication and information dissemination.  But the problem arises when you become part of a WhatsApp group without your consent. This group is not just tasteless; it becomes quite embarrassing for you on occasions.   Learn here how to evade from being added to a WhatsApp group.

When people make you join the group, they don’t care for your privacy

It happens with many of us that one of our zealous friends or relative adds us in a WhatsApp chat group which we don’t want to be added to at the first place. Now there is a barrage of messages and jokes in this group. You know these are irrelevant to you. Most of these jokes you have already heard. Some of GIF are so irritating; there is a political discussion in the group going on between two individuals which all seem bearing with patience. Those inspiring quotes and copy paste ‘good morning’ ‘good night’ are equally irritating. You wait for it to die down but it never stops. The notifications keep on popping up and you feel exhausted. 

You want to exit from the group but how? The friend who has added you to the group is very close to you. To add your agony, he has made you the ‘Admin’ of this group. And at this point, you really find it difficult to exit from the group because this will hurt the feelings of your friend. So, is there any escape route from this?

Unfortunately not for this group. There is a risk of your friend being offended if you exit the group. However, you can set the policy in your WhatsApp chat application in such a way that no one can add you in the group without your consent.

How to not to join a WhatsApp group of your friend without upsetting him

This serves your purpose. If someone wants you to be the part of a specific group, he will have to forward you a link which you can open or not open depending upon your desire to be the part of it. He cannot add you to the group directly. follow these steps to change the Whatsapp group adding setting:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application. Tap the three dots at the top right side. It opens a drop-down menu. Select ‘Settings’.

Setting WhatsApp


Selecting setting lead you to a page where you need to select ‘Account’.



In the ‘Account’ page you have to choose ‘Privacy’.

Privacy WhatsApp

On the Privacy page, at the lower side of the menu, select ‘Groups’.


Privacy 1 536x620 - WhatsApp group: How to evade from being added to any group

Now, in this page, the choice for ‘Who can add me to groups’ is selected by default to ‘Everyone’. All you need to change the option from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Nobody’. After this, tap on the ‘Done’ button at the end of the page.




EveryoneEverybody2 1 - WhatsApp group: How to evade from being added to any group


Henceforth, who so ever wants you to be part of a group, he will have to provide you a link for the group. In this way, even your close friends cannot add you to the group. You can later give any excuse for not joining the group which is far easier than explaining why you left the group.

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