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Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?


So many of us are already used to voice command our phones to do something for us. Thanks to these intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) that we don’t have to go through the painful exercise of typing the keyboard anymore to get information or a map route on our phone or PCs. Voice assistants are changing the way consumers these days are interacting with their smart devices. Truly, these Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistants have come a long way in just a few years since first voice command based application SIRI was launched in an iPhone.

Virtual Assistants: Covering almost all wakes of life

AI-based assistants have become a large part of not just the smartphone but they are getting enough traction in PCs and other devices. It is one such exciting field that competition in this zone has risen sharply and which has led to a lot of improvements across the board of AI-based assistance for an average human being.

The five well known AI based virtual assistants and their parent companies are as below:

Notable Virtual Assistants

Google AssistantGoogle
These five virtual assistants are almost of same capabilities though Google Assistant is considered as more responsive and accurate than the other four here.

Cortana - Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?
Microsoft Cortana is as good as Google Assistant

Even though these assistants come from well-reputed companies; all these assistants have a lot much in common and they feature almost the same functionality.

There are endless possibilities in Virtual asssistants

There are almost endless possibilities in AI-based digital assistance. In this context, we are in almost at the nascent stage. With these AI based virtual assistants, so far we have been able to complete small tasks and there is big room for improvement. These tasks include:

  • Status of weather
  • Make a call or send a message
  • Set a timer
  • Access information in calendars and contacts
  • Find information for any store hours
  • Map and Directions
  • Open your files and Control the app like music
  • Open apps on your phone
  • Running an appliance from remote (Home Automation devices)

Virtual Assistant works best on home turf

It is noteworthy that all of these virtual assistants perform best within their niche zone of apps and base applications developed by their mother company. For example, Google assistant performs best with the products which Google has developed. Google assistant works excellent with Chromecast, Google Apps like Google map, Google Home whereas Alexa feels much home when it works with Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo devices. Similarly, Cortana works excellent with Windows-based applications.

Looks like google assistant has made a good name

Google Assitant seems most capable application among all AI-based assistants. It is worth mentioning here that its competitor like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa are also not far behind. All these assistant can perform a variety of tasks through voice- or text-based commands. For this, these applications use advanced voice recognition and text to speech (TTS) technology. These applications can not only perform basic tasks but quite complicated tasks as well.

Google Assistant - Virtual Assistants: How can I help you?
The most widely used virtual assistant

Time to switch to voice search

It is expected that in the next 3-4 years, half of the search will be over voice command. That makes voice-powered tools like these AI based virtual assistants; very important. The time is approaching fast when high-quality voice recognition coupled with high-speed machine learning / artificial intelligence will shift this world to a new dimension of search and maybe Google will be even more powerful.

Search rules will be changed

The marketers will have to optimize themselves for voice search; the new method of online search. The metadata and keywords in of the digital content will be very important. The role of the page titles, image alt texts, anchor links, meta descriptions, headlines, and relevant keywords and sitemap will be crucial for the growth of the online businesses.

In hardly a few years, we can expect more engaging features and streamlined capabilities of these virtual assistants. These tools will not only further developed to captivate, engage the consumer but also delight the users as well. The search for any product or service will further widen the seller’s audience. It also will allow him to engage with new users in different and exciting ways. Search results are going to become more accurate and results will be presented in front of the user in a more professional and interesting way.




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