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Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates


Do you use a Huawei device?

Do you have a Huawei mobile phone like Huawei Honor? Many of us will not be sure about it. We mostly identify our phone models with their model names. These models we see on the internet or TV. Some do remember but mostly don’t. We don’t bother about who made the phone until the phone is not bad enough. ‘Honor’ is from Huawei phones. We know Honor but not much about Huawei.

Now if I ask you do you have an honor smartphone with you?

And If your answer is yes, you may be in trouble.

Huawei with Android 9 OS 1080x492 - Huawei Phones a big risk without android updatesYour Huawei phone security may be at risk as it has an Android operating system installed. Google Android won’t provide your phone with those critical security updates for Android OS on your phone. Considering the virus and data theft happening every now and then from an already vulnerable device like a smartphone, it sounds trouble.

Even if your phone will get updates from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) the problem is, Google has shifted most of the technicalities. These technicalities include shifting of security update process to play store services. And Huawei devices cannot access Google play store anymore. Thus, all Huawei devices including Huawei mobiles like Huawei Honor series will remain deprived of necessary security updates. That makes Huawei phones exposed to cyber attacks.

The Chinese company has a dubious distinction of being an undercover company for the Chinese government. At least in the US, that is what the perception is. The company has a strength of around 200 000 employees. A staggering 50% of staff is engaged in research and development in 21 research centers all over the world.

Huawei makes telecommunication products and provides services in the telecom sector. It is the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world.

Huawei has back doors!

The trade war between US and China took an ugly turn in 2018. US intelligence services reported that Huawei may be a Chinese government company. Reason? Huawei software and telecom equipment provide pose a grave danger to US national security. These software and hardware can be manipulated to collect data and sensitive information.

With such a bad name, Huawei had to leave the US market as the company begins to suffer losses.

The Noose tightens further

In this month, there have been even more stringent steps from Trump administration. An executive order is already passed. It says that transactions with unfriendly countries are a strict ‘No’ where cybersecurity is involved.

Huawei 1080x559 - Huawei Phones a big risk without android updates

Huawei was one name in this list of such companies. As per American laws, American companies cannot have trade ties with these trade blacklisted companies. The trade is possible only when the defaulter companies meet certain conditions.

Life has become difficult for Huawei phones since then, as the sale is down. It is steadily losing business specifically in its successful Huawei Honor series mobiles. Samsung and Mi are competing for the space Huawei mobile has just vacated. On top of that, major online stores have removed Huawei branded Mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs, wearables and other electronic equipment from their stores.

Bleeding profusely with these blows, Huawei hasn’t lost it completely yet. Company is claiming to develop its own operating system (OS) by winter. The development of such OS seems a call for the sky at the moment. Chinese always face a trust deficit and developing a full proof OS within 6 months seems a distant call.

So what is next for your Huawei Phones?

Nothing much can be said at this moment unless there is a sense of peace between the US government and China. Americans are more powerful. They see Chinese as a threat to their hegemony virtually everywhere. On the other hand, Chinese are innovative and known for finding a way ultimately. Nobody knows where this will end.


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