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Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin


Back in the Year 2014, when the world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, there were clouds of doubts all over for how Facebook will monetize an app like Whatsapp. Will Facebook insert ad in Whatsapp like any other app?

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Ad in Whatsapp will soon be a norm

Conflict of interests: Ad in Whatsapp

The success of Whatsapp was mainly upright over its fundamental principle that it will always remain free from any type of advertisement. Exactly contrary to this principle, the Facebook business was standing on the revenue generated from the advertisement over its popular social platforms. So speculations were always there for the future of Whatsapp and if the ad in Whatsapp will be finally placed.In these years we never saw ads in Whatsapp thanks to Zuckerberg for keeping the promises but now things seem to change. As heard from Facebook in recent time, Whatsapp will be an app like any other app on play store or IOS store. Irritation is bound to happen as Facebook serves us with an ad in Whatsapp very soon. Full of crap !!

Whatsapp; Facebook  crypto coin interface

But did someone give a thought on cryptocurrency transaction on Whatsapp?  Perhaps no. But now, if all pieces of this puzzle fall to the places, we can see Whatsapp being utilized as a cryptocurrency transaction platform along with other services. So be ready with ad in Whatsapp and a Cryptocoin from Facebook.

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Facebook planning own cryptocurrency

Buoyed by the staggering quarterly results of Apr 19, Facebook is ecstatic. The numbers from all ventures are mostly good except for Whatsapp. In the month of January this year, Facebook recorded a profit of $6.88 billion for the third quarter of 2018 with revenue rising 30% higher to $16.64 billion in comparison to last year. 500 million people visit the company’s social platforms on a daily basis. Thanks to its network of social platform where billions of people visit daily and these social sites serve them paid ads. The strength of Facebook is those daily active users visiting Facebook, Instagram, chat Messenger and Whatsapp. All these companies are instrumental in the growth of Facebook but Whatsapp. The world’s most used messaging app Whatsapp is always a cause of big concern for the company due to heavy losses it always makes.

So far, Whatsapp has been a goodwill gift from Facebook. Every year making loss after losses without heading nowhere, Facebook seems doomed with this acquisition. It was love at first sight kind of deal. This acquisition is still the biggest acquisition of Facebook. At the time of acquiring Whatsapp, Facebook did not much explain much about their plan for it and they are still in deep dark what to do with it? Though Facebook assured back then that they are not going to put ad in Whatsapp.

Monetizing Whatsapp: Ad in Whatsapp or Cryptocurrency?

Finally, there seemed a workable method to monetizing this mighty app. And this is breaking in at a time when Whatsapp has been in limelight recently for the reason of data thieft.  So now when it is almost clear that Mark Zuckerberg in smelling something big out of it, We can expect fundamental changes in Whatsapp. If he has made up his mind, ad in Whatsapp and a cryptocurrency can make him richer by multibillion overnight.

The exciting market of Cryptocurrencies

So can we expect Bitcoin is going to have another rival in the already overcrowded cryptocurrency market? Facebook, last week revealed to be working on its own cryptocurrency and a payment system through Whatsapp.

Plans at the place, the challenge will be to restore the faith of users as Whatsapp has just undergone through a cyber attack from an Israeli software. Mark Zuckerberg is under constant attack for sharing user’s private data knowingly or unknowingly. He wants to shed that tag. Whatsapp from a non-performer to a performer can provide something which can improve the company’s bottom line.



Facebook interest in cryptocurrency has opened a new lease of life for cryptocurrencies. Not just Bitcoin, all other cryptocurrencies have seen dark days since their inception days. Bitcoin from a peak value of nearly US $ 19000 in Dec 2017 crashed to almost $3000 in just one year. It is still struggling at around 8000 US Dollars.Facebook Cryptocurrency 1080x620 - Ad in Whatsapp and Facebook Cryptocoin

Moreover, cryptocurrencies are not welcome in many countries. 

Facebook lending support to Cryptocurrency

Barring small fraction of transactions, people are mostly skeptical about the cryptocurrency business model and have avoided this mode of payment so far. High volatility in the cryptocurrencies value on a daily basis also makes this mode of payment risky.



But it is also an interesting fact that; if the problems associated with Blockchain payment system are solved, it has the potential to be a pathbreaking payment technology. The Blockchain system is so powerful that conventional payment systems can face even existential crisis. 

Interest in cryptocurrencies from a well-placed company like Facebook will definitely help cryptocurrency to establish a much-needed faith from people. More visible Blockchain transactions on Facebook will let people sit up and take notice about the crypto market. And who knows, this can ultimately lead to the eruption of the Blockchain model in the economy; something so many people are waiting to happen.



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