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Google X: Google’s secret arm


The secret named Google X

Google is a big company. So big that it could not contain itself and that is when Google Alphabet came to existence. One company that Google is so proud of; is Google X. Not many of us know what exactly Google X is. This company certainly has a secrecy element hidden within it. Nobody knows all about it except those who must be working with it.

Google X has an ordinary two-story building as its head office, hardly half a kilometer distance from the main campus of Google in Mountain View, California.

The idea behind Google X

All this happened from the idea of a small team of visionary brains in Google who thought to solve some of the toughest problems of the world and Google X was envisaged. When Google X was conceptualized, the name was left as ‘X’. X was just a filler so that the future name of the company could be later replaced with ‘X’ depending upon the role of the company in the future. It never happened. Even after these 9 years.

In these years, the name of the company remained unchanged though the company has evolved in a big way. Some of its highly successful projects have evolved into their own as a company. These companies fall under the umbrella company Alphabet.google x 1000x620 - Google X: Google's secret arm

The company Google ‘X’ remains highly secretive like any government or military organization. They don’t entertain the queries and boast of the projects at hand. They never tell what they are up to.

Google Alphabet is the parent company of Google but Google gave birth to Google Alphabet. Sounds strange? Yes. Under certain laws in the US, it can be done. Earlier, Google controlled all companies. Now Google Alphabet looks after all these companies including Google itself. So Google is an independent company under Google Alphabet like Google X. This was for concentrate on other things in hand as Google grew bigger.

Google X works on  ‘Moonshot’ principle

For them, the Moonshot principle is a symbol of a declaration of a pathbreaking technology. Google X works on the technologies where Moonshot is a pivot point and the existing technology takes a significant turn from here to make the world a better place to live.

After its inception, Google X has acquired numerous companies ranging from Robotics, Wind turbine, Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Driverless car and many more. Moonshot - Google X: Google's secret arm

Not just that, company has a deep reach into Internet-delivery balloons and vertical farms to energy solutions. Some of the major projects the elusive company has been working on for the last 9 years are as here:

Project Glass:

 An augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The Glass products would be the hands-free displaying of information currently available to most Smartphone users on their wearable glasses.


FSOC (Free Space Optical Communication ) is the project to meet the growing global demand for data. The data between two points is transferred at a very high rate using the light. It is a network of interconnected balloons. This project is a fork project of Google X’s ‘Loon’.


A project in which Google provides internet connectivity to millions of people through the balloons which float in Stratosphere for around 100 days with solar powered antennas and routers.

Loon - Google X: Google's secret arm


The technology that is into the development of driverless cars. By December 2016, the project turned so big that Google made the project into a new company called Waymo. Now waymo is an independent company which is housed under Google Alphabet like Google. The company with a value of around $250 billion, is a leader in the market of self-driven cars.

A consolidated list of known projects of Google X are as follows:

Sl NoProjectPurposeStatus
1WaymoDriverless carThe inspiration behind was the fact that 94% of road accidents happen due to human error. After completing a single man’s driving of 300 years, Waymo has an excellent record of safe driving.
2WingDelivery DroneDrones flying at a speed of 120 kilometers per hours at an altitude of 400 feet will deliver your parcels.
3LoonInternet balloonsSustaining a temperature variation of 150 degrees Celcius from -90 to 60 degree in 24 hours is a bigger challenge than providing the data
4VerilyLife scienceInserting small but smart devices into the human body to detect the disease in an early stage.
5Smart glassesThe wearable handsfree Computing deviceIt is casting of your computer onto your eyeglasses. 34% increase in performance is reported.
6MakaniEnergy KitesThe kites are designed in such a way that it begins looping at 1000 feet due to the nature of the air without consuming any energy. This rotary movement is converted into electricity.
7MaltaSalt-based energy storageThe inspiration behind the project is that in the USA, 30% of solar power goes in wastage in summer and falls short due to demand peaks in winters. Molten salt is used for time shifting of this energy through a well-planned storage system.
8FoghornReduce carbon emissionDiscontinued. A project to create fuel from seawater. But by no means scientists at Google X could find the cheaper mean of producing Hydrogen; an essential ingredient of the process.
9FCOSFree Space Optical CommunicationFor providing internet services without digging earth for optical fiber cable laying. It is a ‘loon’ kind of project at a lower altitude.
10DandelionAffordable cooling and heating of the homeA clean renewable energy source is ground beneath us. Idea: Ground always absorbs heat. In summers, it is used to cool houses and in winters, it is used to keep houses warm.
11ChronicleCybersecurity analysis based on machine learning on a large databaseCybersecurity can be ensured by timely detection and analysis of the data pattern. The human mind has limitation but a machine can help.
12BrainAI and machine learningA project, full of possibilities. Brain’s technology currently is used in Google other services like Android’s speech recognition system, Google Translate, recommended video to you on YouTube.
13Robotics at XTeaching robotIn development stage. Making robots to learn new tasks.
14InvestigationSecretIn development stage. They call it early stage moonshot.



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