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Whatsapp security breach… A total loss of faith.


At first, it was quite a shock to me when I came to know that Whatsapp security has been compromised. Reading those assuring lines of encrypted communication on my mobile phone gave me strange confidence that everything was under control.. until the day I came to know about it. 


I just couldn’t believe that even end to end encrypted WhatsApp has also just been hacked. In fact, I was annoyed by this news but could do nothing. My faith just got axed – one more time. These so-called strong security algorithm technological prowesses get hacked ultimately. Whatsapp security is no exception and is also breached now.

Hacking the whatsapp 1080x620 - Whatsapp security breach... A total loss of faith.
End to end encryption also seems compromised

Later in the day, I knew that the vulnerability of Whatsapp security. The encryption myth of the world’s biggest messaging app was completely exposed. Whatsapp has just let the attackers spread surveillance software to Android smartphones and iPhones. It was done with – just by making a WhatsApp call.

How simple and easy it seems. It is a massive breach to Whatsapp security. With it, the privacy of a whopping 25% population of the world is compromised and it has shaken their belief on Whatsapp Security.

Why it always happens with Facebook/Facebook-owned applications?

I often wonder why the user’s data breach happens only with Facebook-owned companies? Is it because they are big and they are Social media company? So what? So are many others! User personal information must be protected at all cost and it is applicable for Whatsapp security too. It is Mark Zuckerberg primary duty. 

Whatsapp is used in some of the parts of the world so profoundly that the assessment of data breach is very difficult due to the number of users. Nobody can even tell if his phone’s WhatsApp security was hacked.

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The phone is never a safe device

After this fiasco from WhatsApp,  I have understood that mobile phones are always a threat in terms of security. Before this news, I just let this information pass through my ears -I never took it seriously. I never believed that just by a phone call, my phone camera could be activated or the recorder of the mobile phone could be placed ‘On’ something which seems possible now after this incident.

Aftermath of Whatsapp security breach

There is, of course, a big hue and cry around the globe. People including me are annoyed and shaken. All that could be known was that the malicious software was developed by an Israeli security firm that develops a product called Pegasus. It is said that Pegasus can easily activate your phone’s camera, its microphone and it can access your emails.

These type of software are very costly and mostly sold to governments and intelligence agencies for snooping. Now, when the news is out nobody is sure for how many people’s phone this software has hacked.hacking Whatsapp 1080x620 - Whatsapp security breach... A total loss of faith.

So far, there is no method to know if WhatsApp security of your phone is compromised. All that; the phone security experts are saying – a heated phone or a drained battery can give the idea if the unauthorized data exchange has taken place. It is just an assumption, not a conclusive fact!  So far this massive Whatsapp security phenomenon remains unexplained.

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Even all that the official spokesperson of Whatsapp could say “Given the limited information we collect, it is hard for us to say with certainty about the impact to users. We will work with human rights organizations with expertise monitoring the work of private cyber actors. Out of an abundance of caution, we are encouraging all users to update WhatsApp as well as keep their mobile OS up to date.”

Whatsapp Security measures

As a Whatsapp security measure, users have been asked to update the app with the latest patches. Not only that, but you also have to keep the Android or IOS patched with latest updates depending upon the operating system your phone has. For that, I will suggest keeping your phone on auto-update. 

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All said and done, how can I now believe that a secure and safe app like Whatsapp will not be hacked in the future again? It is painful as I can not make it in life without technology and no matter how much secure system you have, it gets hacked one way or other. As usual, we the users are the losers. Will there be any privacy at all in future?



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