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PUBG: ‘Safe Zone’ is widening for Tencent Holdings Limited


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PUBG has an update for night mode

PUBG is ruling the minds of kids and adults equally on planet Earth. It has become common these days to see wives are yelling over husbands. Parents are shouting on teenaged children. The kids rolling over the floor for mere a smartphone to play this enigma called PUBG.  PUBG has become challenging for players and non-players equally.

The Theme

PUBG stands for Players Unknown’s Battle Ground. In the game, players who are unknown to each other, play for a common cause. That is to win the game. Winning in PUBG means standing up to last. You finish everybody else, you win the game. it is as simple as that.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game belongs to Tencent Games. The Chinese company Tencent has a very interesting history. Not less than a story precisely for some other point of time.

For the game Battle Royals at present, PUBG is available for Android and iOS-based devices.


The game starts with a para dropping onto a war zone where teams or solo players will fight each other. They start with the collection of basic and survival equipments. Once done, the game becomes difficult and exciting also. It is a game of survival by eliminating the competitor.

PUBG needs a good mix of strategy and adaptability. Even it counts where you have landed with your chutes. Apart from landing at a good location, there are three things which you have to do simultaneously:

  1. Search weapons and protecting devices.
  2. Killing the opponents with your skills and weapons.
  3. In this whole scenario, keeping yourself in a designated safe area of the game. The thrill here is that the area keeps on shrinking. Your next opponent is smarter than the previous one. So it’s kind of survival of fittest fighter and you have to fight to stay alive by killing others.

Finally, the last standing man wins.

PUBG has taken the imagination of people to a frenzy level. The game is highly addictive. This highly probable addictive nature of this game has shown very harmful effects. That is the reason the voices are being raised to ban PUBG worldwide.


The name for the genre is taken from the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. The movie presents a similar theme to a last-man-standing competition in a shrinking play zone.

The game is played online. People who are not efficient on gameplay come online to watch it.  The outstanding players have their fan base. Some of the popular YouTube channels to watch PUBG are here and here.

Darkest Night

PUBG keeps on updating the game’s theme for keeping players and spectators engaged equally. Recently, they released an interesting update of the game and named it as ‘Darkest Night’. In this, players to drop solo or teams to face the waves of zombies and survive. Not just this, they have to face a toxic environment for 30 minutes before they are evacuated. The Beta mode distribution of this update has been ceased and roll out completed on 17 April 19.

So far the love story of gamer community with PUBG is still on and Tencent Holding Limited are already rich by $20 Billion US dollars widening the ‘Safe Zone’ for itself.


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