Home Browser Xiaomi ‘Mint’ browser: Not all in mint condition. Stay away.

Xiaomi ‘Mint’ browser: Not all in mint condition. Stay away.


Mint Browser: Pride of Xiaomi

Xiaomi’ Mint Browser, due to its security issues has brought a tough situation here for rest of the Chinese companies also in terms of trust deficit. Being a Chinese company is challenging, very challenging!! Whereas Chineses companies are considered very competitive in nature, they equally lack faith by and large. To be more precise, there is always an element of doubt over their intentions. And 

The success of Xiaomi has left so many people awestruck; worldwide. How quick this company has climbed to the rank and files of success, we all know that.

Xiaomi not only makes quality handsets, but they are also into app development, Smart TVs and other electronic appliances.

Suspicious Chinese government’s bid or a real technical glitch?

‘Mint’ is the browser Xiaomi developed for its users. Nothing wrong in it, but the security vulnerability of this browser has raised the question again. Is this vulnerability is just a technical glitch or an intentional attempt to spoof over the people as a part of the Chinese government plan?

Xiaomi’s Mint browsers have a security flaw letting hackers spoof URLs. And know what? It affects only the international variants of Xiaomi phones. There is no such issue with Chinese variants of handsets. You are safe while you are in China.😊

 Many of the Xiaomi handsets are available with inbuilt ‘Mint’ browser. Xiaomi’s default pre-installed Mi Browser app and Mint Browser allows malicious websites to take control of the URLs displayed in the address bar on the top of the webpage where you type the address of the website you want to visit.

No action so far

The company could have solved this issue with patches and updates but Xiaomi hasn’t taken any action on it yet.

What is Spoofing?

Spoofing is kind of a coning exercise by hackers where the information seems to be coming from a reliable source. We get so many emails in our mailbox, aren’t we? In these emails, you might have read how personal information is requested and these emails appear to be from a known sender or a reliable source.

With Mint browser and app spoofing the address bar tricks the user into believing that they are entering a secure website when in reality, they could be entering a website which could potentially be malicious in nature. This may be a trap for extracting your valuable information.

So, now being a Chinese app and browser here makes the matter worse. It’s an open secret that the Chinese are not considered reliable. At this very situation; for example say Google or Nokia or any other company, this vulnerability could have been considered as a technical error, however, for Xiaomi or any other Chinese company, the task is far more daunting because unlike Google, Nokia or any other company, they have not only to immediately do the patchwork for the vulnerability but also to prove one more time that they are not the agents of Chinese government.

Meantime, people can do the following things:

  1. Disable your default browser ‘Mint’ from your Xiaomi phone handset to never to use it.
  2. You can root your phone. Having said that, you need to have a slight know how to root your phone so that you can not only remove ‘Mint’ browser from your phone, you can remove those all irritating apps which you never use in your phone.
    But this is a bit tricky because rooting your phone may lead to the end of warranty for your handset in case it goes faulty. So stay informed and know what you are doing.
  3. The best advice will be to use Firefox its variants and Google Chrome browser. These are the most secure browsers.



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