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Google Bolo: How easy it is to read.


Technology has transformed almost all wakes of human lives. It is no Secret that like any other domain of our lives, technology has started to influence the art of teaching, teachers, and students equally. Now, Google Bolo is one such application which can re-define the method of learning. 

How technology in the form of Google Bolo is influencing the methods of teaching to a student; here is the example:

What is Google Bolo? 

Google has just launched an app called ‘Bolo’ for the students from Indian environment who struggle to read the books. Bolo, as Google describes it, is a new speech-based reading-tutor app that helps children learn to read.

All companies have their own share of CSR where they try to return something to the very society from where they acquired their fortunes. India has a major contribution to the gigantic growth of Google. It appears as Google’s one of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs for India is to help the child to learn to read with confidence.

I believe Google is well aware of the exercise of teaching a child student by teacher, parents or the elders of the home. When a child starts his education journey in a typical north Indian home environment; he is asked to recite or read by saying ‘Bolo’ from the teacher or elder. Please note that it is just my assumption and Google has never put forward a logic something like this.

The inspiration

The inspiration behind launching the app Bolo is drawn from the Annual State Of Education report for the year 2018 (ASER-18) which reports that almost 50% of students of grade 5th often struggle to read the content of a grade 2 in government or private schools. Having said that, this report shows our sorry state of education.

Google Bolo app is not just useful but quite interesting also. It has been designed in such a way that it never lets the student loose the focus. Diya is the voice which reads the words, sentences, and story for the students.

Some interesting features

Here are some other interesting features of the app:

It lets read easily all by themselves; the students.

The beauty of the app is that it gives you feedback on how you are doing. Just like a personalized reading tutor, the app assists the children in every step, giving both positive and corrective feedback.


It is a collection of 50 stories and 40 stories in English in which more stories will be added by Google’s partners. The topics are taken from a wide range of topics.

The exercise of learning becomes an enjoyable journey in Google Bolo. This app has handy word games and while playing this, the children keep on getting rewards and badges encouraging them for further reading.

The app can explain the English text into Hindi helping reading. With this, both become fun and a daily habit.

Improve at their own pace

Multiple children can use the same app, and track their progress separately. Over time the difficulty level of recommended stories adjusts to their reading skills.

One problem what I have felt frequently is the irritation due to frequently popping advertisements with google apps. This app is completely ad-free and the child can learn with great focus.

One good thing with Google bolo is that the app can works even when offline, so children can just focus on reading while there is no internet connectivity.

We often hear personal data loss. Google Bolo has been designed in such a way that all personal information of children always stays on the device thus minimizing the loss of data.

Google Bolo is one such app that can be a great help who are not very well in reading. Not just for those children who have Hindi as a primary language, Google Bolo is equally helpful for the children hailing from Southern and North Eastern state of the country and learning Hindi for any reason. At a time when mobile phones have deep penetration in the villages, Google Bolo has the capabilities where it must be changing the reading habits of children and making the moods of the parents happier.
Google Bolo can be downloaded from here.


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