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Xiaomi’s iPhone? how Xiaomi is catching up with Apple


Xiaomi Mi8: A Xiaomi’s iPhone

If we go by the recent Xiaomi-iPhone spat, the conclusion will be as per our priorities.  Priorities in every wake of life; including the smartphone selection. For some of us – have the priority in respect the price of the smartphone, for some – the brand they want to be associated with, and for rest of us; the value of the money as the most important priority.

For someone,  having an iPhone is a status symbol and for some, the features of the same iPhone are important in addition to having an iPhone. Now, If I have a compromising attitude for a parameter called brand association, I would go for a Xiaomi phone and call it Xiaomi’s iPhone because I am getting the value of an iPhone in a Xiaomi phone at a lesser price. 

Don’t get confused with this strange statement here. Xiaomi’s iPhone?? That is what actually has happened. There is literally an iPhone from Xiaomi. 

iphone X 1 245x150 - Xiaomi's iPhone? how Xiaomi is catching up with Apple
iPhone X Backview
index 1 245x150 - Xiaomi's iPhone? how Xiaomi is catching up with Apple
Mi 8 dubbed as Xiaomi iPhone

What Actually  Happened?

This goes like this. In a bid to make a Xiaomi’s iPhone, Xiaomi has copied iPhone X on both the rounded corners and notch, on the front of its flagship mi-8 phone. Not just that, the vertical camera bump on the rear of the mi 8 phone looks identical to iPhone X. Welcome aboard, you are having a Xiaomi’s iPhone or an iPhone from Xiaomi in your hand.https://68274lnbjcqhetbbg33v6ubl6f.hop.clickbank.net/

It is no hidden secret that Xiaomi is notorious for copying from the flagship phones from some other famous players in the market. They copied Apple on various occasions; be it the design of the phones or iPhone OS-like skin on its Operating System and sometimes even keynote presentations and marketing materials as well.

Is it just a coincidence that the launching style of Xiaomi’s iPhone was the same as iPhone X? iPhone X was launched on company’s 10th anniversary and Mi 8 was launched on the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi!

Technical Specifications Cemented All The Story

Not just in look and other (so-called) coincidences, here we see into the technical specifications in a glance and we found very similarity in both the phones. Have a look at some of the features of both the phones in this Xiaomi’s iPhone controversy:

 Mi 8iPhone X
Release dateMay 18September 17
Weight 175 Gm175 Gm
Battery capacity (mAh)3400 Mah2716 Mah
ColoursWhite, Gold, Light Blue, Black
Screen size (inches)6.215.80
Resolution1080×2248 pixels1125×2436 pixels
Processor makeQualcomm Snapdragon 845Apple A11 Bionic
Internal storage64GB64GB
Rear camera12-megapixel12-megapixel
Rear FlashLED
Front camera20-megapixel7-megapixel
Rear camera12-megapixel12-megapixel
Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothYes, v 5.00Yes, v 5.00
Number of SIMs21
Compass/ MagnetometerYesNo
Proximity sensorYesYes
Ambient light sensorYesYes

So Much Similarity!

The tussle of Xiaomi iPhone issue started when mi 8 was launched. Dual reverse cameras in Mi 8 were placed near-identically place of an iPhone X. Also, a glass panel back and Aluminium side frames resembled iPhone X. On the software side, even the placement of the power bar and WiFi signal indicator, Telcom signal are similar to that of an iPhone X.

The Mi 8 model also seemed to be copying the idea of facial unlock feature. Facial unlock feature was the original idea of Apple only.

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There is no doubt that the Mi 8 – in the quest of giving iPhone X a run for the money; is heavily focused on the iPhone X. People found it intriguing that they were looking to actually a Xiaomi’s iPhone with a Mi 8 in hand. Affordability may be the factor that people are looking for a Xiaomi’s iPhone. Mi 8 though bears more than a resemblance to the iPhone X – it has the same features of iPhone X as well.

The Xiaomi’s iPhone Is A Very Good Phone By The Way

In such Xiaomi- iPhone controversy scenario, there are few other aspects of these marketing strategies adopted by Xiaomi.https://68274lnbjcqhetbbg33v6ubl6f.hop.clickbank.net/

The looks and features of Xiaomi’s iPhone did not disappoint its users. It is not a plain copy of iPhone X. It is an excellent phone and it does the best justice to its existence. At an affordable price, Mi 8  has brought down the exclusiveness access to the features. These features were in the exclusive domain of iPhone users only.

The customers of Xiaomi view both the mix of quality and brand capped at a lower price cap. The iPhone has both characteristics to the highest standards. Understandably, the Xiaomi’s customers are not ready to pay a price four times for an iPhone X to take the feel of those features.  After all, Xiaomi Mi-8 possesses the same features of an iPhone X


There is no doubt that the outcome of such a strategy adopted by Xiaomi is a success so far the Mi 8 is concerned. Problem with such type of strategies is that over time, these brands fall short in terms of expectations of the quality-conscious customers. The brand doesn’t get customer loyalty and often customer drifts to other brands with no specific reasons to stay.

Xiaomi’s iPhone has created a positive stir in favour of the company for time being.  How long and deep it goes, is not yet tested!


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