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Amazon Fire TV Stick: Outsmarting your smart TV


The device: Amazon Fire TV Stick 

These days, the advertisement of Amazon Fire TV Stick is frequent on prominent TV channels and online giant Amazon is also vigorously promoting it through the different mediums of advertisement like their other product; the kindle. With this, you can get immediate access to thousands of, Hollywood, Bollywood, language movies and TV episodes, seasons, songs and games within seconds.

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And the confusion…

I had doubt and I believe and so many are there who are looking for the answer to this question. What is an Amazon Fire TV Stick actually? Honestly, first time I got confused when I heard the name Amazon fire TV stick and I realized there are so many out there who were in confusion with the name. It seemed to me a mix of some high-end TV and some remote control device.Quality for sure

Amazon is one such name who is known for its quality products which are built by themselves or by someone and marketed by Amazon. This is done in such a way that the quality aspect of the product is never degraded and compromised. So when the first thought of Amazon Fire TV Stick came into my mind was, a kind of special TV; marketed by Amazon just like it did for its Kindle thing.

01a7cd0cb7708004c73e6dbd6af568ba 23 - Amazon Fire TV Stick: Outsmarting your smart TVIt was later only, I realized that Amazon Fire TV Stick has nothing to do with TV directly as such  I had thought, although the name sounds a TV.

Voice Operated Remote

In a layman language, Amazon Fire TV Stick is like a Smart TV remote control which you can operate like any TV remote as well as with the help of Alexa voice service.  The things which you will do with Amazon fire TV stick are here for your information to know better so that you could also enjoy the Technology made available to us by Amazon.

As said earlier this is kind of a smart remote. Amazon fire TV stick plays you movies, shows, TV programs on the internet with the help of the app like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other kinds of entertainment applications on the internet. These apps are inbuilt in Amazon fire TV stick.

Your Amazon account does it for you

This product is exclusively available on Amazon website so you can buy from them only. Since your ID is already identified at a time of transaction at Amazon, you just need to plug in and let it play by itself. You need not configure it. It is smart enough to play for you those things which you have already been playing on your smartphone or other devices. But remember that Amazon fire TV stick needs a high-speed internet service over a wi-fi modem. It has nothing to do with your cable TV set up.  Your cable TV set up is altogether a different ball game here.

You need to have an HD TV

It has an HDMI port and HDMI extension cable with separate power supply socket. Amazon fire TV stick has the capability to play HD ready (720P) and Full HD (1080P) content. So you need to have your TV compatible with one additional power socket. Amazon fire TV stick cannot play a 4K content due to technical limitation. For that Amazon has a different stick known as  Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote.

Purely on Internet

The apps in Amazon Fire TV Stick are the typical Android app just like on your mobile phone which you run on your television over the internet. Like on your Smart Phone, Amazon Fire TV Stick provides the services. That means you need to pay for the subscriptions wherever it is necessary.

So there are two types of payment you are making:

To your internet service provider.

To those programs which are made available on the internet on payment like Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar Prime, Netflix.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is portable. You can carry it anywhere where there is a good internet connection. You can simply plug and play the device like you did at your home. But yes, the TV must have HD readiness.

The issue with YouTube

We watch so many videos on YouTube. Due to the tussle between Amazon and Google;  There is no support for YouTube, an application of Google, on Amazon Fire TV stick. It means there is no dedicated youtube app on the screen of Amazon Fire TV Stick. But you need not worry for that as you can run the YouTube videos on your internet browser Mozilla Firefox. The design of this internet browser is specific for Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can have high-quality videos run easily on the Firefox internet browser. Like a smart TV remote, you don’t have to type youtube.com. Amazon Fire TV Stick runs browsers on your voice command over Alexa Voice Control.

The accent is not the problem

The programming of Amazon fire TV stick is extremely good in the English language of the native accent. Alexa has done a marvelous job on this front. You just need to say the word clearly near to Amazon Fire TV Stick after pressing the ‘Voice’ button.  You can see that word on the screen of TV and press OK. That is it. It shows you the results linked with the word and you have choices to choose from.

b9009b750caae32a70725df31c105969 18 - Amazon Fire TV Stick: Outsmarting your smart TVThis is the third generation of Fire TV from Amazon. Amazon fire TV stick was marketed with the same name or ‘Fire TV Stick’. Those are no more manufactured and after some technological modification, the present device is in use since Oct 2017.

 Store it now and watch Later

With 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, Amazon Fire TV Stick can download and store your favorite programs.  This makes programs available to us at our convenient time. 


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