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If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones in the range of $ 300-400, trust me you are at right place. Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones may be your choice, just check it here. Now; just think of it; If I say that this is a headphone which is being liked even by musicians, do you believe me? Chances are that you would not because I am a nobody. Right?

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But despite that, let me tell you about Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones.




Be it the music of orchestral, chamber, lieder, jazz, pop, heavy rock, light rock, or the old days song, this is the device which comes very close to excel.  The sound is good enough to take you to trance. It makes you feel like music is religion, music is passion and music is even prayers.

Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones is relatively small headphone. The sound is vibrantly crisp, clear and balanced. Yes, It doesn’t quite have the wide sound stage of the other renowned Bluetooth headphones brands but it fully justifies its existence. I had never heard of something a name in Bluetooth ANC headphone name like Marshal but the reviews about it I read were very decent and I was tempted to check it once and I am not disappointed.

Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones was paired in less than a min to my phone, and I find that the sound, sounded simply awesome. The biggest take was the clarity of the sound while I was on move. This is after considering that so many headsets of this class have this general issue of minor distortion and clarity; even with high end headphones. But this phone at this price is truly a bargain.

Bluetooth aptX technology?

Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones is equipped with Bluetooth aptX technology with superior wireless audio while reducing the sound around you when you can enjoy the music or any audio program without much of the disturbance and you are on a walk.

Bluetooth aptX technology has been used in Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones. This technology is used by heavyweights like QUALCOMM, Soni, Vigio and Panasonic in their state of the art Bluetooth devices to play music at a higher bitrate, and minimises audio/video-syncing issues. This makes watch movies with perfect lip sync, a problem which we see in generally with ordinary devices around. This also gives you the freedom to move with 30 feet of wireless listening range.

True ANC Device

Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones offers up to 20 hours of wireless playtime when active noise cancelling and Bluetooth are engaged. To prolong the life of your battery, active noise cancelling can be turned off, extending wireless playtime to 30+ hours. Turning off active noise cancelling will not interfere with Bluetooth aptX.

The idea behind this active noise cancelling (ANC) is fulfilled with four microphones which will detect and locate the location of noise and suppress the noise so that you can have a good sound quality filtered to the diaphragm of your ears.

Day and Night

Not just it has killer looks, it can run upto to 20 hours of wireless playtime when ANC is ‘on’ and when you don’t need ANC, you can play this for mammoth 30+ hours wirelessly. This 10 hours difference is huge, as you can clearly see that your battery is being chomped out to suppress the noise and to provide you quality music. But the question remained:  Do you really need the ANC all the time? I suppose NO. There will be only few occasions in a day when you will need the noise cancellation. This Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones does a tremendous job here by playing your music for that long period… without charging.






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The feel is perfect and painless.The cushions are very soft and don’t apply much force upon your ears.

Proper ergonomic design of a device is necessary to prevent injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders due to repeated use of device over time and this can lead to long-term disability. The ergonomic of its designed are in such a way that the anodised 3D metal hinges rotates freely and gets adapted easily to anyone’s head.


Marshall Mid ANC Headphone is equipped with 40 mm dynamic drivers and gives a robust sound.

The quality of the driver unit is what makes a huge difference to the sound. By the way, bigger is the driver unit, larger will be the speakers. Though the output will be more powerful but this doesn’t mean it will be a better output.  For the information, the size of the driver unit for earphones falls in the range of 8mm to 15mm and 20mm and upto 50mm for headphones. 

Classic Materials

Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones is an on-ear headphone and headband is made of soft microfiber.

Microfibers are synthetic fibers with having a diameter of less than 10 micron and having different softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, electrostatics, and filtering capabilities. For their varying characteristics, different Microfiber are used to make tough, very soft-to-the-touch materials for general clothing use, and often used in skirts and jackets and in our case the material of Headphone.





Controls on the Marshal Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones

The multi-directional control knob is good help to play, pause, shuffle and adjust the volume of the Headphone, power on and off of the device. Not just this; a normal phone functionality is also added here to answer, reject or end a call. To make this possible, two built-in passive noise reduction microphones are given for conversations and record voice memos on Headphone.

Share it!

When you are listening the music wirelessly, you can share the music with 3.5 mm socket though it is unconvincing to me that you would be using this feature very often.

The classy Travel Case

You can pack the headphone into a guitar inspired travel case that features a rich velvet red lining and a durable vinyl shell that’s collapsible when not in use. As said, the headphone is not too big and this design makes it perfect for everyday commutes or longer journeys.





Charger and cables

A micro USB charging cable can be used to charge the battery which is given along the Headphone.


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